Discover the Qualities of Making Great Corporate Videos

A lot goes into the creation of a successful corporate video. Not only must you convey a clear message, it must be done in a way that engages your audience and retains them. The following are the most important qualities a great corporate audiovisual should have:

1. Communicate a clear message

Your film should not leave the viewers confused about the purpose/message of the film. Your script should be concise, communicating considerately and economically such that the audience won’t have to go out of their way to understand what you are saying. In order to do this successfully, settle on a single benefit or idea to communicate in each corporate video production so that you can do a good job of presenting it to the viewers.

2. Have a face with the name

Your message will be far better received if the viewers have a face they can relate with. By placing someone with an approachable demeanor – i.e. the company’s real figurehead or a good actor/celebrity playing a part – your viewers will feel more associated with the brand and hence be more receptive to the message. Consider how Nike uses world-renowned and loved basketball players to advertise their products.

Before beginning the actual corporate video production work, identify a person/persons your target demographic will respond well to. These people should be featured in the film, whether it’s to sell a new product, communicate policy changes or simply raise brand awareness.

3. Proper brand reflection

Few things are more important than your brand integrity. Your video production company should have an in-depth understanding of your values, mission and message in order to ensure that they are properly presented to the viewers in a way that is consistent with your other marketing campaigns. The film should positively depict the brand and inspire the audience to be a part of your business.

Use every opportunity to make your product known to the viewers, even with the mundane and routine tasks. If for instance you make films for safety drills, ensure your corporate audio visual production takes advantage of the opportunity to extend your brand identity.

4. Specify an audience

Your demographic will determine the kind of script the film will follow. E.g. creating films for younger people will be different from doing it for older people. Part of your video production company’s job is to work on the script, since it is the backbone of the video.

The dialogues and content should be written out compellingly according to your audience’s needs. In addition, consider where the film will be played as this determines the kind of language to be used e.g. conversational, formal, comedic etc. Proper audience selection sets up the tone of communication, including message, benefits and visual effects for effective communication.

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