Quick Fixes for Your PC and Laptop

In today’s world, almost everyone has either a laptop or PC in their home. With so many Laptops and PCs around what happens when you have problems? You can call the PC repair person, but you are looking at about $150 an hour. I have even seen people junk their PCs because they thought it was just easier and cheaper buying a new one. Yes I admit sometimes the PC is beyond repair, but most of the time I find what the customer thinks is a big issue, when it really is just something small and can be fixed without having to pay 100s on a technician bill.

Getting Rid of Popups

When you are online do you get pop ups all over your webpage? If so you are like so many others. There are a few easy things you can do to get rid of pop ups.

1. First go to add and remove programs to remove unwanted programs.

This is something I fix on a lot of computers for people. When you update adobe, download an online program, download coupons, or a lot of other things you may do online sometimes you will get some weird tool bar, or bogus programs that install. Most times people do not even know they install it until it is too late. Next thing you know your screen is lite up with adware.

How do you get to programs and features?

In Windows 7 click on the start button, it can either say the word start or it will be a circle. Click Control panel, than programs and features.

In Windows 8 it is a little easier. You can push the Windows key while pushing the X key. Then choose programs and features. Or you can take your mouse to the right corner and type programs in the search box. Then you can pick programs and features from the list.

Now that you are in programs and features, BEFORE you delete anything make sure it is really a junk program. What I normally do if I am not sure is search the item online. Within seconds you will get feedback on if the program is junk or not. The big programs I have found to add adware to the PC is Ask toolbar and the coupon toolbar. The next step I have you do will most likely get rid it so just move to the next one. There will also be programs like PC Check up and items like that which also adds adware to your PC. AGAIN make sure it is a program or toolbar you don’t use before deleting it.

2 Run a program to remove Malware and Viruses

After you remove items from your PC, I would also go to Malwarebytes and download the free version. This programs works awesome. After it downloads run the updates and then run the program. After that run your virus protection program. This should clear up the rest of the problems you are having. If this did not fix all the issues then you will want to bring it in to a tech or reload. Sometimes the PC is so infected those programs are unable to do their job. Hopefully that is not the case, but if it is you are going to want to reload or bring it in.

Laptop Freezes or will not turn on.

So you have a laptop and all the sudden it either freezes while booting into Windows or does not start at all. Believe it or not 7 out of 10 times it is something simple.

1. Perform a reset on the Laptop

Basically what this does is remove all the residual static charge from the Laptop. To do this first unplug power cord from laptop. Then remove the battery from laptop. After battery and power cord is removed press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. After you are done with those steps put the battery in and plug in the Laptop and turn on. Did it start? If not try number 2 fix for this section.

2. Check the power cord

I see this issue A LOT, people are ready to throw out there laptops until I talk them into testing the cord. First how did the laptop act before it stopped working? If the laptop kept saying the battery was low even if it was plugged, it most likely is the cord. Does you power supply have a light on it?

Some don’t have a light on it so it is hard to tell if they do not work. If the laptop does nothing when you push the button, chances are it may just be the laptop power supply that stopped working. You can buy a new power supplies for most brands of laptops for around $15 to $30. That is if you buy from an online store other than the Brand name store. For example if have a need to replace my power cord and wanted to buy from Dell I am looking at 60 to 70 dollars. If I buy the same cord from another place it will be around $20. 00. The internet is your friend when it comes to price checking.

PC Freezes or Won’t Start

Just like with the laptop a PC. Your PC freezes while booting into windows or the PC will not start at all.

1. Reset the PC

Just like with the laptop, resetting the PC will fix a lot of issues. To do that on a PC you would follow the same steps. Unplug the PC, then plus and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Did that fix your issue?

2. Check outlook, power cord, or surge protector

If one of those items are not getting the right amount of power to the PC, it will not start correctly. If you are not sure try bypassing the surge protected and use a different outlet to see if the problem is still there. If that does not work try a different cord.

Hopefully this article can help you with your IT needs. Thank you for reading my article and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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