5 Ways Students Can Use Cloud Computing to Boost Learning

Today, it is a global village all because of technology and its many manifestations. Technology has rewritten the laws of time and space to such a large extent that we actually experience what others do miles away with no barriers. Going further the advent of cloud makes technology even more powerful in access to information. Students benefit the most from all these positive changes in the world.

1. Group Meetings on Hangouts in Google+

Gone are the days when students need to assemble in one place for a project all at the same time. All they need to agree upon is timing when they are online and join the Hangout in Google+ from wherever they are. Classes can go on more effectively than when students assemble in a classroom. Every single word can be recalled with the provision of recording making it even more useful for every student.

2. Evernote is a brilliant option

What a tool it is providing for access to study notes and class anytime. Students and educators alike can access on any device, and lots of sharing can happen round the clock. Saving trees and the environment made easy by the handwriting recognition applications on tablets.

3. TED Talks a platform worth mentioning

Students can take advantage of this in making a base for some of their learnings and for discussion with their professors before crystallizing their notes. Access to speeches and presentations of some of the industry experts on subjects that can be very extremely useful which otherwise would not have been possible.

4. LinkedIn enhances your reach with Experts

Even while you are student you can largely benefit from interaction with some of the best minds in the corporate giving you an opportunity to do your project with the company as well as pave the way for your career. InMail in LinkedIn is even better and value for money.

5. DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive

Eliminates the need to carry any storage device and has provided enough and more space on the cloud. In fact, when a student needs more space he can even upgrade with a nominal payment. With productivity tools also built-in Google Drive makes it convenient for students. Cloud-based support is given on Apple products free of cost.

All the above make cloud an integral part of our lives now and for a long time to come. Students, in particular, will benefit making learning a joyful experience.

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