Real Peace Of Mind? Security Cameras Series: Review 2, Arlo

I HAVE NO vested interest in this or any other security camera system, but I recently researched several systems and this is a review of the Arlo Security Camera System.

Today, with the most recent, up-to-date technology available on the market, anyone can keep an eye on everything that takes place in and around their home or business with a security camera system. With these two Arlo weather proofed, double-shell, wireless cameras, this appears to be a no-problems indoor and/or outdoor video monitoring solution. The wireless, home cameras come paired with the receiver and monitor. Without hiring an electrician, I can simply install these cameras to my walls, inside or out, under dormers, roofs, over hangs, ceilings, or just about any other flat surface. In an increasingly lawless, uncertain global community, protecting my family, property, and possessions is of the most primary importance.


· This smart camera system works right out of the box

· Clear night vision technology is guaranteed, even in complete darkness

· The motion-detecting recording option works every time

· This Arlo system provides clear visual recordings


· The audio portion lacks one hundred percent perfect clarity

· The system does require connection to the Cloud for storage of your recordings

I was intrigued to discover that NetGear, the parent company for Arlo, has been acclaimed as one of the most socially conscientious, private corporations. The NetGear Corporation has provided resources, advertisement, and sponsorships for food drives, public schools, charities, and social-service organizations.

Distinctive Features

· Night vision cameras feature HD clarity even in complete darkness

· I could view live-streamed or recorded videos from anywhere on my tablet, iPhone, or computer using the free Arlo app

· The HD video clips allow configuration to obtain scheduled viewing or the option to completely turn off the camera

· Provides four magnetic dome mounts, two for securing the cameras, and two additional mounts to allow for movement of cameras

· Access to the video is available on both Apple computers and PCs as well

· Motion detecting cameras and the self-customizing activity alerts give real-time app or e-mail notifications whether I’m home, on the road, shopping, working, or just about anywhere


This system seems to provide security at an affordable price. I will be able to have the capability to view live or recorded videos from his device in order to protect my property from theft, vandalism, or those pesky raccoons. This system appears to provide some peace of mind; and after all, what could be of more paramount significance?

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