Share Your Entertainment Across All Your Devices With Tronsmart T1000

There are different kinds of people with different types of needs. Some enjoy playing games, watching movies, listening to their favorite songs and doing a lot other stuff in their homes. Some people don’t have this luxury either because they are travelers or are not tech savvy enough to share the programs playing on device across other devices. In the past, it was really difficult to connect devices with each other if they were on a network. The new Bluetooth devices have taken care of that hassle well and now just by plugging in a small device you can connect dozens of devices.

Watching movies and playing games on tablets and smartphones is the new trend. People don’t want to sit in their homes to enjoy these things as they can enjoy them on the go. Just insert the earphones in your ears and start watching the movie in isolation even when you are traveling in a bus. However, playing games, watching movies and doing many other things don’t always look perfect on small smartphone and tablet screens. Sometimes you have to mirror them on a bigger screen for many reasons e.g. you are giving a presentation in the office.

If you have a smartphone with hundreds of videos and applications and you want them to be mirrored on the big screen of your HDTV, Tronsmart T1000 is the device for you. This is a revolutionary device that casts and mirrors whatever you are watching on your personal computer, laptop, tablet or other similar device to another screen. The device works wonderfully as the customers admit. Most customers have agreed that it has an amazingly fast performance and that they haven’t felt any lag or problems with voice and video sync while using this device. The cost of this device is even below $25.

The great thing is that this device works with any type of smartphone or tablet with any operating system you could imagine. Whether you have an Android phone or iPhone, it will work with them all. It boasts the support not only for DLNA and Airplay but also Miracast. What’s even more exciting about this great product is that it will mirror the image regardless of what you are watching on the screen. Whether you are working on office documents, watching movies, playing your favorite games or editing photos, it will mirror everything.

This device also comes with an extra cable that connects a dongle to your device so if a big screen TV is blocking the Wi-Fi signals you can make use of this dongle. This is an amazing device for people who are mostly traveling and have to complete their entertainment in hotel rooms. It is also a perfect thing to have for people who have to give a lot of presentations. They can have a presentation stored on their smartphone or table and mirror it on any screen size. The size of the device is very small so you can carry it with you in your laptop bag or pocket.

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