The Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller has ushered in a brand new generation of interaction with your computer or laptop, using gesture control technology. With just a wave of your hand, you can type, click, or swipe your screen. The Leap Motion Controller is able to detect your movements, with precision detail. It can “see” and mimic the movement of each of your fingers simultaneously, so the same motion used on a computer executes the Leap commands.

The advancement of technology makes the Leap Motion Controller differ from the voice and body recognition capabilities in the Kinect Sensor. Both devices make use of camera and microphone technology to enable voice and physical recognition. But, Leap uses infrared optics and cameras instead of depth sensors for 3-D image identification. The use of familiar motion makes adapting the use of the Leap device relatively easy. The device is easy to install and the small size doesn’t clutter the desk space. The device is about over three inches long, an inch wide and less than a half-inch thick. The infrared sensors sit behind a glossy black panel on top. It has a connector port for a USB cable (included), and a green LED light on the front that lights up when it’s plugged in to a power source.

Currently, the online Leap Motion store has over 200 software applications. There are free and paid applications for Mac and Windows platforms. PC magazine highlighted 10 of the best as:


  • Molecules
  • Cyber Science – Motion
  • Frog Dissection


  • Boom Ball
  • Dropchord
  • Block54


  • Corel Painter
  • NYTimes for Leap
  • Touchless
  • Google Earth

Other applications for the controller include computer control software, creative tools, and music & entertainment. Imagine, playing the harp, piano, or bongos using just the motion. The affordable apps with the very low unit price of the Leap Motion Controller, getting started with this technology is easy. Once connected, you train the device to recognize motions you’re while using it.Leap Motion is the future of motion technology. The controller and emerging virtual reality technology are the next new thing in gaming and computer productivity, with the potential to empower everyone by expanding computer use capabilities. It is staggering to think how many real-world applications that the Leap is capable of. I suppose only time will tell when we can expect to have the Leap included with things like the next PlayStation or Xbox.

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