Time Recorders – Their Features, Applications and Benefits

A punch clock, also known as a time recorder, time clock, clock card machine is an electrical or mechanical device, a timepiece to be precise, which is used to track time in terms of hours in order to determine the total time spent by the employees of a company. Speaking about mechanical time clocks, a paper card, which is usually quite heavy, is inserted into the device. This paper card is called time card. There is a slot in the time clock where the paper card needs to be inserted. There is a contact at the rear of the time clock, when the paper hits it the machine prints information pertaining to date and time on the card. More than one time card acts as a timesheet. The work of the time keeper becomes very easy with these devices as all they need to do is to trigger them and the rest is being taken care of by the machine itself.

General Features of the Electronic Recorders

Here are some of the common features which are found in most of the electronic recorders:

• Battery: They run on battery. Therefore, the power source is well within your reach. Besides, most of them come with backup battery thus enabling you to utilize tem for a long time period.

• Auto Card Eject/Feed: Unlike the mechanical recorders, the electronic ones work automatically where don’t have to feed or eject the auto card. It is being taken care of by the system itself.

• Perpetual Calendar: This allows the user to keep a track of the date, day and month for which the time is being measured.

• Security System: Most of the models are available with a lock and key option which enhances the security level. The chances of tampering and manipulation can be minimized to a great extent.

• Daily Planning: These electronic recorders can be programmed as per routine. This adds an element of flexibility to it. The daily planning feature allows the time keeper to increase or decrease the time of a particular employee. It comes very handy when it comes to calculating overtime.

Apart from these, there are many other features which are available with the electronic recorders.

Benefits of these Recorders

The name itself tells about the benefits that can be derived from these devices. The primary benefit is the facility of recording the time. How time being spent on a particular work, whether the allotted time has been crossed or not, whether any individual has adhered to the time he is supposed to spend in his work place all can be recorded and can be tracked easily.

These devices are used in those places where the job is time bound. Call centers for an example make ample use of these latest devices to check on the performance and work schedule of their employees. With the help of these recorders, it is possible to keep a track of the time of every single employee of an organization. So it’s wise to invest in these technical gadgets to take your business to great heights.

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