Using Browser Extensions for Beautifying Chrome Tab Page

Browser extensions are useful when you want to customize things like tables or a page. It is more about creating a distinct look according to your choice by making improvements to the default look. You can change them if you know what to do. However, before you learn the steps, you need to know why you need those.

Why Use Browser Extensions?

• You use browser extensions to integrate it with services. For example, Evernote users have extensions that will help clip websites and save to the account.

• You can add extra features in your browser, for example, if you are using JoinTabs in your browser then you can add together your Chrome tabs in a single window from multiple windows.

• You can make changes to websites and add or remove content accordingly.

Extensions are not limited to its functionality only rather there are many things to perform. It is more like a software that you can use whenever you want. You can integrate an extension with service or go for additional features. It does make a sense when you are using existing extensions for your browser.

If you want to make relevant changes to the Google tab page, then you have a choice of extensions that you can play around with using your imagination.

Using Earth View

Earth View is offered by Google Maps that do not require many changes. You can install it on the browser, so that whenever you launch a tab the first thing you will see is a satellite picture by Google Maps.

You might experience a bit of delay with the pictures to download or show up when you are using the Earth View, but it is hardly noticeable. You will still appreciate this app for its functionality.

Whatever images are available they are stored and used in Google Maps logo. The logo appears in the left-hand corner below the browser. The link to apps is located on the upper left-hand corner with details of the original location of the image.

Using Momentum

If you want productivity but want a pretty interface too, then you can try using Momentum. When you launch the extension, you will need to enter your name and your focus or the primary goal that you are working on for the day. When you define both, you will see a tab that will greet you with the current time, personal salutation along with a reminder for the day that includes your focus.

When you use Momentum, you get additional benefits like picture that is set-up as a backdrop and a list of to-do that you can expand. The list is on the right-hand corner that also gives you the current weather condition. When you use Google Maps extension, you can access the apps in your browser by clicking on the link that appears on the left-hand corner.

The best part that you get with Momentum is daily inspirational quote that appears at each tab bottom for the day.

The Pinterest Tab Extension

Pinterest Tab extension is yet another one that you can use. The primary focus of this extension is, of course, for social media with a focus on the image. You do not need an account for it to work, and this makes things simple. The extension offers background image that adds beauty to your everyday computing experience.

When you launch the extension, you can choose image topics that will include travel, fashion, sports, architecture and food. If you do not want anything out of the given options then, you can go with the Photography tag that is generic in nature.
You receive Google Calendar data that appears in the lower left corner. To access Pinterest, the link is displayed on the upper corner on the left hand.

The information related to the picture that you are currently viewing sill appear on the right-hand corner. Additionally, information about the toggle that reveals bookmarks, refresh buttons for image transition and editing picture subjects too appear on the right-hand side bar.

You get the option of ‘Pin It’ that is present within the browser for your convenience when you are using Pinterest.

In conclusion, using Extensions are a means of changing your dull, boring day into a joyous one. The ability to transform a backdrop into a beautifying experience is mood altering indeed.

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