Wearing My FitBit, I Put the Hot Pocket in the Microwave and the Microwave Shut Down – Why?

I am not sure about you, but I worry about the ‘internet of things’ and how it will be connected to ‘everything’ and even us in the future. That seems scary to me. In fact, just before I penned this article, I had a rather interesting experience. My trusty microwave, probably 15-years old, ran without a glitch, until today. I put in a Hot Pocket and the Microwave just stopped working. Interestingly enough, today I forgot to wear my FitBit on my, long-distance cycling ride and during my stretching exercises and short jog warm down.

You can imagine how hungry someone gets after riding 50-miles and only eating two-bananas and a left-over smoothie in my cycling bottle. I wondered if the microwave sensed I was over my calorie quota for the day because my FitBit didn’t record my 500-calorie ride, 50-calorie stretching and pull-ups, or my 2.5 mile easy glide 150 calorie run/jog. Well, I know that none of this stuff is connected yet, because I have an old microwave not hooked up to the ‘internet of things’ but what happens when in the future I do. What happens when I have all the analytics and the system knows I am cheating on my workout and calorie input plan?

The reason I mention this is that I just got done reading another article on Goog Loop” online news (5-16-2015) titled; “Google Introduces Updated Google Fit App That Lets You Count Calories,” which stated;

“Now you can track your overall progress towards your fitness goals, Because the good news is that Google updated the new Google Fit App, Which will track your overall progress, It will track your walking distances and workout schedules and simply Show you the calories you have burned, All you have to update your profile with appropriate gender, height and weight and Google Fit will tell you how many calories you’ve burned off throughout the day, or during the workouts.”

Well indeed, those are some nice features, but what if all that is connected to your “health care insurance” rates, where your insurance company gives you a discount for working out daily? What if that again is connected to your “Valued Loyal Customer Program” at your grocery store, and to your refrigerator, to your microwave, and so on? Are you beginning to get a little paranoid about the future – well, you probably are not alone.

Think about it, I can’t eat a “Hot Pocket” cold, frozen rather, nor would I if I could chomp down on it. The refrigerator will read the bar code when I pull it out of the freezer and tell my microwave, “He is beyond his calorie allotment now, don’t cook it!”

Well, 3-hours later my microwave works fine again, WTH? Maybe it’s already happening, my appliances are conspiring to keep me in-shape? Help!

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