5 Common PC Issues

PC users may often come across a problem with their system that leaves them stumped and searching the internet for answers. Users scour the internet for good computer support advice that will give them a quick fix. This article will list some most common PC issues and offer solutions to those problems.

1. Blue Screen Error
You may have often seen the ominous blue screen appear on your monitor while using your PC. It is probably one of the most serious problems PC users face and has them thinking about computer support from the first second it appears. One good thing about the blue screen is that there is usually a code that will help identify the problem.

There are rare times when you can fix this issue by rebooting your system, but you can search for the code online to help identify the problem. If the issue is about missing files then you can restore them via repair disk or downloading them from the internet. If the issue is graver, then you must contact a computer support professional.

2. Strange Sounds
Sometimes your PC problem can present itself in the form of strange noises coming from your CPU. The first thing to do in this instance is to identify which part of the computer is making the noise. Commonly, the culprit is one of the fans making noise because of it being too dirty. This can be fixed by simply cleaning the fan with the help of a condensed air can or a blower. But in more serious cases, the noise comes from your hard disk drive; in this case, it’s best to contact IT support and take your PC or laptop in for repairs.

3. Slow Applications
Your PC can become really slow; this is because of some software issues or space issues. If a certain program is not running properly, reinstalling it may fix the problem. If it doesn’t it may be because of not enough hard disk space or too little RAM. You can solve this by installing additional RAMs and clearing up some space on your hard drive. If the problem persists then take your PC to a computer support expert for optimization.

4. Malware or Malicious Software
Malware can get on your PC while surfing the web or through a USB device. In the case of malware, the best solution is avoidance, try not to visit suspicious websites and do not open unknown emails. Keep your firewall turned on, always, while surfing the web. If malware somehow do get in, contact IT support for a solution.

5. No Power
This problem can be caused by a loose or faulty power cable. Try and attach another cable and see if that fixes the problem; if it doesn’t then the issue is with your power supply and you need the help of computer support.

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