A New Ultrabook From Toshiba: Kirabook Now Set to Begin Its Second Round

The Haswell CPU from Intel has been a great tool for makers of Ultrabook. The use of this ensures increased battery life without making any compromises on performance. Most leading PC brands like Dell, Acer, Apple and Lenovo have already joined the group and Toshiba too has joined the race with its new Haswell-toting version in the form of Kirabook. This is the second round of the Kirabook, which seems to get more successful than its first series.

Know about its construction

Nothing about the Kirabook’s looks has been actually modified by Toshiba and the port layout and build quality also remains same. The lid and palm rest area remain same. The hinge of the laptop is sturdy enough. The keyboard and trackpad makes use of keys which are shorter than most others. However, the Kirabook is ideal for the typing needs of users and the keyboard is backlit. The touchpad too is pretty good and almost accurate.

What’s on the inside?

The machine involves free installation of Windows 8.1 or 8.1 Pro, on top of which the new update has also been installed. Also inside are a Toshiba Live Tiles, Norton Internet Security, Microsoft Office and the many support apps. Pre-installed versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 are also there.


The core i5 4200U processor from Haswell is pretty impressive. Also, you can choose to upgrade from i5 to i7. There is 8GB Non upgradeable DD3 RAM, 256GB SATA III SSD and an Intel 7360 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter. The noise this machine creates is almost the same as its predecessor. The Kirabook under the web browsing test lasted for about 9 hours, much longer than other Ultrabooks. The dim screen has helped in the same and the battery life loophole too has been fixed by Haswell.

The pricing detail

The biggest issue associated with the last Kirabook was its high price which has been addressed by Toshiba to some extent on this newly released series. All models now come with a touchscreen. Also, stepping up ensures a much faster processor and Windows 8.1 Pro in place of Windows 8.1. The features that the Kirabook from Toshiba packs can be bought in other machines form different brands, but at a considerably lower price than this one.

The overall good in Kirabook

Overall the Kirabook’s second line from Toshiba comes with an attractive design and a sturdy built, depicting a good port selection as well. The keyboard used in this one is pretty nice and the trackpad is livable. Meanwhile the performance of the processor from Haswell is pretty good and can be used to accomplish most gaming needs of users. The long battery life of nine hours even under pressured task is a pretty good feature and ideal for on the go users, who are always running out of battery on their machines.

The downside

The spinning of fan is not very likable and can turn very noisy, especially if using moderate to heavy load on your machine. The price of this machine is a little higher than usual, but considerable for the number of specs it packs. Another downside is the desktop scaling feature of Windows, which is the most unwelcomed one on the machine.

Get easy support

In case you get stuck at any point and feel the need for expert assistance, Toshiba technical support is much easily available by many companies online. It includes not just the home company, but many third-party companies as well.

SupportBuddy is one such name you should consider, if looking for reliable technical support for Toshiba computers. This can be availed over a toll-free number, on email and even via the live chat feature.

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