Disable Animation for Faster Android Navigation

Android Smartphones and Android tablets are loaded with various apps as well as certain unwanted transition animation. The apps and programs consist of display animations or transition animations. These display animations are somewhere between screens and apps. Even though, these seem slick and beautiful to look at but these are often time-consuming. You would be able to switch between apps without significant time lag, only if these animations don’t waste your time. If you could remove these animations or disable them then the time lag between switching apps and screens will disappear. A speedy navigation will be possible if you disable these animations.

Through this article let us learn how to disable animation for faster navigation:

Access the Developer Options Menu

Your initial steps towards disabling animation is to access Developer Options, this is where you will get controls. This option is hidden in your Android software to avoid accidental tampering of programs. However if you are able to access it you will be able to make relevant adjustments to your Android Smartphone or Android Tablet.

Here is how it is possible:

• Go to Settings and scroll down to locate the ‘About Phone’ or ‘About Tablet’ option

• Locate the Build number file and tap it until a message appears that says ‘you are not a developer’

• Go to the submenu of Developer options and navigate to the Settings screen

Disable Interface Animations

Interface Animations can be disabled by launching the Developer Options and then sliding it to ‘On.’ Now, you will be able to make changes in the options that were earlier hidden from the screen. If however after making relevant changes you want to revert back then just slide the ‘on’ to ‘off’ in Developer Options.

Apply the following steps to completely disable interface animations:

• Scroll down till you locate Drawing Section, three options will be displayed, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale, and Window Animation scale

• Now against each option available you need to tap to disable each animation

• To speed up the animation choose the option of Animation.5x

The Animator duration is all about the timings of animation transition time period that appears within a time frame. These animations are visible the moment you tap the app drawer button that is available on your home screen. However, remember that after applying the above-mentioned steps you need to switch off your Android device and power up again for the changes to take effect.

Making changes in Android Launcher

When you make changes in the settings of your Android launcher it will speed up the process, here is how you can do it:

• Go to Settings-> Apps-> All Category, scroll down to locate the Launcher app

• Tap Force Stop and this will force the launcher to close down

• Tab the Home button of your device for launching the launcher, now you will notice that the app drawer responds immediately

Now there will be no delay or transition lag when you launch a new screen or switch between apps or hit the app drawer button. All will go smoothly and the navigation too will be faster than before as the time consumed in animation transition no longer exists.

This is how you can disable animation for faster Android navigation; who would have thought that the time consumed between animations is what delays the process of loading apps and switching screens.

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