Does Windows 8 Make Your Life Easier?

Microsoft has released notebook software that could go head to head with the current operating system used by Macs and iPads. In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard, it’s called the Windows 8 Operating System. It aims to obtain a large market share in the OS market with all the features you need, from easy access to programs to file transfer using your USB 3.0 docking station.

It has been noted that based from the actual use of the Windows 8, a number of people were surprised with the user interface that can only be described as Metro-styled. It offers a very different user experience compared to the ubiquitous desktop page found in every laptop and PCs around the world.

This Windows 8 operating system was developed to assist the user in obtaining pertinent information like messaging, weather reports, contacts, and social networks, actually all information that everyone needs to start his day.

Found on the Start screen are a number of colored tiles identified with pictures that represent the function or application. Each application is in live mode, hence notifications are shown. There could be updates on new emails received and also weather forecast. With just a touch on the application or a click of the button, a user’s life can be made easier with this software. For example, if you are using your USB 3.0 docking station to transfer files from one device to another, just tap on the screen of your laptop to access other devices.

It is actually easy to use especially for those who are familiar with the Windows Phone. The Metro-style designed was inspired by Microsoft’s smartphone platform so it would be safe to say that people would not really buckle and be confused when they use this software. The unique Metro application previously used in iPhones, are now used for iPads and laptops. They are designed to be so in order for the user to fill the screen.

The use of the colorful tiles that are live is a capital idea. It is innovative. It is user friendly once people get over the fact that it is not similar to the old OS used on PCs and laptops before. The other operating systems use the old fashioned folders or shortcuts that are too boring by half. Users would be able to appreciate how convenient this is for everybody plus they would enjoy the sleek design of the Metro-styled applications. It would be surely a wonderful surprise for all software aficionados.

Though the use of this software could be a little difficult for most people, since it is newly released and people are not familiar using them yet. It is still something exciting to learn about. The other devices can be easily hooked up with the use of this OS. It serves as an interface that could make people’s lives easier.

It is evident that Microsoft imagined the future of technology and planned their action well. They realized the importance of smartphones and tablets. These devices could be on top of the world in the future so it is only fitting that Windows 8 was created in order to follow that trend and emerge as the victor.

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