Easy Fixes For Some Common Laptop Issues

No matter how careful you are, it is only a mater of time when you’ll accidentally drop your laptop, or spill your coffee all over it. Such accidents are pretty much inevitable if you’re using your laptop a lot, be it for your job or just for fun. Even if you manage to avoid major mishaps, you could still encounter minor issues, like a failing cooling fan or a bad key. Luckily, not all of these must end up with a trip to the computer shop and a hefty repair bill.

When you drop your laptop, it is likely that it will land on the corner, which is the weakest part of the laptop case. A cracked corner can be easily repaired using epoxy putty that is available in any hardware store. The damaged area should be thoroughly cleaned before applying it (read the instructions!) as a patch over the damaged area. Let it harden for a few hours. You might want to wear gloves while working the putty.

Damage from liquid spills can be recoverable if you act quickly, before internal soakage and corrosion occur. Accidental liquid spills can cause short-circuits, both because the liquid acts as a conduit (and so the problem clears itself as the liquid dries), and because of the dried liquid residue. This can damage electronic components and cause corrosion, which can be especially volatile with some acidic soft drinks.

To avoid this, it is important to act quickly when the spill occurs and turn off the laptop immediately. Let the laptop drain by hanging it upside-down for half an hour, and then remove the power unit, battery, and any attached leads, and leave it to dry overnight. Then remove the keyword and clean the residue with cotton buds dampened with distilled water. To prevent corrosion, you may want to clean with some anti-corrosive solution like WD-40.

One of the most common issues with laptops is a noisy or malfunctioning cooling fan that’s not only annoying, but can cause overheating. You may not need to replace the fan completely. Just clean all the dust, dirt and debris that the fan collected, by blowing compressed air into the slotted grills on the side or bottom of your laptop. If that didn’t help, you might need to open the case, find the fan, and clean whatever stuck in the blades.

And finally, a broken key is a frustrating, but easily remedied issue: you can buy a replacement key, or replace the keyboard altogether. With cheap refurbished keyboards available online, you can quickly and easily fix this issue by yourself.

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