How Do You Find the Best Tablet?

You can be a proud smart phone owner but as tech enthusiasts put it, owning just a smart phone isn’t enough today. In fact, if truth be told, you need to understand that technology today has changed a fair bit in the last few decades. The pleasure and experience you can derive from electronic gadgets today wasn’t possible before.

So, what else should you own besides owning a smart phone?

Have you thought of owning a tablet? Yes a tablet can be amazing. You can do a multitude of tasks on a tablet. Be it watching movies or just listening to music, everything is possible on a tablet. What’s more, you can even play your favorite games. If you buy an iPad or an Android tablet, you can play the best of games including Fifa and Grand Theft Auto, two of the most popular games for any gamer.

So, why do you need tablets?

Tablets offer touch screen option for you and in effect a new way to play and experience games. In fact, tablets have bigger screen sizes than smart phones. Although smart phones are coming in 5 inch plus screen sizes these days, the truth is that a 7-inch tablet looks far better and comfortable to hold than a 5 inch smart phone. The reason is simple, you do not want to talk to others with a 5.5-inch smart phone – it looks odd and weird and no matter how many of 5 inch plus smart phones companies introduce into the market, this fact will not change.

Tablets, on the other hand, are easy to hold and make things simpler. You can carry it conveniently and it won’t be a burden on you as well. More, if you are looking for the best 7 inch tablet, there are some other factors to consider too.

Which operating system do you need to have?

One of the primary considerations is to understand which type of operating system would you like. Apple has its own iOS while the Android operating system is the most popular. If your tablet runs on the Android OS, you can get access to thousands and thousands of apps and games to play with.

What are the features of the tablet?

A tablet is a pure entertainment device that can help you with your work needs as well, including checking mails, browsing the internet, downloading files and creating new documents. However, you need to look at the features of your tablet to understand how good it is. The first thing to do is to look at the processor power. The other thing to look at is the RAM and also the camera. A good tablet needs to have at least a 3-mega-pixel camera today. Of course, a good quality camera will translate to better pictures and it’s always nice to be able to click great pictures with your tablet.

What else do you need to know?

If you are looking for the best 7 inch tablets at a cheap price, you should go for Android tablets. The reason is simple. Android tablets are more budget friendly and you will definitely like them. What’s more, you can choose tablets of different sizes too, from a 6 inch one to a one that measures nearly 10 inches. Of course, when you do buy a tablet, do not forget to buy a cover to protect it. In fact, buying a screen guard and a cover for your tablet is absolutely essential to protect it from scratches. You do not want the surface of your tablet to be scratched, do you?

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