iPads – Amazing Learning Tool for Kids

Many of us consider iPad as a fancy techno gadget which is only suitable for teenagers or grown ups. However, it can be an excellent learning tool for kids too, specially for children with learning disabilities like autism.

You may be wondering how iPad may be beneficial to kids with learning disabilities. Since they have touchscreens, they can be easily accessed by children who have co-ordination difficulties. Such children may find it difficult to handle traditional PC and laptops while they may find it easier to handle the iPad. They find tapping and sliding motions to be much easier to perform.

Even normal children who do not have any learning disabilities will love to read short stories or books on an iPad rather than read a traditional book. Many people nowadays complain that kids are losing the habit of reading. One way to encourage this habit in them is to let them read interesting stuff on iPads. You will usually find less resistance in them than if you force them to read from a hardcover book.

Once the kids get into the habit of reading on iPad, they can start and continue learning independently. There are hundreds of amazing apps available for children to enhance their learning skills and increase their knowledge. Let us briefly see some of the apps which can make learning easy and fun:

1. Geography Drive USA – This app can provide a completely new and interesting way to learn geography. It is an award winning application and has even been featured on Fox news. Not just kids, the entire family can enjoy it and learn interesting facts about geography at the same time.

2. Social quest – This app has been developed by Speech-Language Pathologist, Rosie Simms. The aim of the app is to improve language and communication skills in a variety of social situations. The app is intended for middle school and high-school kids.

3. Awareness – This app is intended for kids with autism in order to enhance their sense of awareness of the surroundings. The kids have to listen to their surroundings while watching a video or while playing a game.

There are hundreds of other amazing apps intended for improving maths skills, comprehension, general knowledge, social skills etc among children. As a parent, you can browse the iTunes directory to find a suitable app for your kid. You can read reviews and ratings from other people for that particular app or search on Google for expert reviews.

So, now you might begin thinking of iPad as more than just a toy. It can be a useful learning tool. However, you should not go overboard with it and only let children use iPad for limited time everyday and only under your supervision. There are pros and cons for almost anything, so is the case with iPad apps. They can be highly addictive. Excessive use of iPad can lead to eyesight problems, inactivity in children, making them disengaged, poor social skills and other serious problems.

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