Most Useful Features of Gmail

Almost everyone seems to have Gmail as their e-mail client. It is easy, hassle-free and the best option for e-mailing. However, even after using this service for long you still might not be exactly familiar with its most useful features. It can be a bunch of handy tricks that you are still not aware of. Given here is a list of some most useful features of Gmail.

Attachment Options

Often, it happens that you are so busy with work that while sending e-mails you forget to attach the presentation or that document that you have been so much working upon. You just hit the ‘Send’ button and it is gone empty without the attachment. Then you realize what just happened but now nothing much can be done, or is it so? When you are using Gmail as your primary communication e-mail then this can be resolved easily. As soon as you attempt to send an e-mail with a test that says attached but forgot to add an attachment Gmail recognizes it. A pop up message will appear that will read something like this:

“Did you mean to attach files? You wrote ‘I have attached’ in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?”

Hit ‘Cancel’ button and attach that file.

Marking Important

For those who receive e-mails in bulk from various sources within a given day can now get it sorted out with the ‘Star’ option given by Gmail. This feature helps in marking your most important messages and read them when you have enough time. This can be easily done by going to Gear shape icon->Settings->Stars; here you will get stars of various colors that you can choose from. For example if you choose a red star then go back to the inbox and again click the star shape to change its color to red. You can do the same thing with other e-mails and keep adding different color of star to other e-mail messages.

Creating Multiple IDs

If you are wondering how you can have different e-mail accounts without having to look for different names then it is simple. All you need to do is add a (.) between your name, your initial or your another aliases. For example your name is Tom Johnes then it could be written as,,, It is as simple as this to create multiple versions of your own e-mail.

Creating Daily Task Reminders

Running late for grocery shopping while you have other errands for the day to take care of but it would be easier only if you had created to-do list things. Gmail gives you an option to create a to-do list, just go to Mail->Task, this will reveal a small task bar that will pop, and here you can add your to-do items along with the date of completion. Therefore, the next time when you are running late Gmail will remind you the tasks that are pending and need to be finished.

Accessing Multiple Accounts

If you own more than one account with Gmail and want to check upon both at the same time then it is possible. Even though it might seem like somewhat impossible but here is what you can do when you want to access both the accounts within the same browser.

• Login to your Gmail account

• Click on your ID located at the top right

• Click the option of Add account, you will be directed to a different tab that will allow you to login to your another account of Google

Additionally, if you are using Chrome as your primary browser for performing this function then it will remember and save your choice.

Preserving Your Messages

Often you receive some important e-mails wherein you are discussing something significant within the conversation. This requires to be kept safe and available to you without having to search through numerous messages. For this you can opt for taking a backup of your messages by registering for a backup email account, and then add your Gmail to it. Your e-mails in Gmail account will be forwarded into a primary Inbox.

Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP

After reaching there you need to select the option of forward a copy of incoming mail and enter your e-mail ID. You are done.

You may want to backup your most important messages. The easiest way to do it is to sign up for a backup email account, and then you can set up your Gmail account so that it can forward emails into the primary Inbox.

The Gmail features mentioned above comes handy every time you login to your account. It is easy to understand and handle without any hassle.

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