Power Up Your Personal Tech With Your Excess Human Body Energy

Americans are getting a little overweight last time I checked, and if this is due to too much caloric intake, then they’ll need to stop eating so much – or, maybe there is another idea. Yes, let’s talk, no need to limit your food or diet, just use the energy of your body, so your body can’t store all that food as fat.

There was an interesting article posted to the Dark Government Website on April 13, 2014 titled; “Personal Devices Powered by Body Heat? There’ll soon be no need to ever take off wearable technology as your body heat will be able to run a generator to keep it powered-up,” which stated;

“The small generator was created and tested on small bracelet and it is said it can be able to provide power in a stable and reliable way. The technology presents an easy and simple way of fabricating an extremely flexible, light, and high-performance TE generator. They expect that this technology will find further applications in scale-up systems such as automobiles, factories, aircraft, and vessels where we see abundant thermal energy being wasted’.”

Heat takes energy, and if we rob the body of heat, then maybe those who eat too many calories can burn it off this way to the optimum weight and food intake level – just a thought. In areas where it is quite hot, taking away heat energy might be a very good thing in keeping the body cooler, while powering up your personal tech devices like iPad, iPhone, wristwatch device, or Google Glass?

When will all this come to the market, probably very soon, especially for military use – imagine the concept being used in the Middle East with US and NATO forces? It’s hot there, so the body is already running at excessive heat, there is free-energy there, plus, no need to stop and recharge your communication devices. Where else can these things be used? How about for medical devices, or sports monitors during workouts or competition?

Teenagers have plenty of energy, why not harvest some of it so they mellow out and pay attention in the classroom? If you are on a long-distance hike, it could power up your personal GPS or ELT, Emergency Locator Transmitter in case you need to be rescued from over heat exhaustion or if you get lost, no need to worry if your device battery runs low. Please consider all the applications for this.

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