Remote Headphones for TV – From Whim to Necessity

Remote headphones for TV are a great innovation that gains more and more popularity every day. Undoubtedly, technology has evolved considerably throughout the last ten years, and the way we communicate has improved significantly.

Wireless headphones allow people to listen to music, talk on their mobile phone without keeping it in their hand or listen to their favourite TV programs. If the headphones used to be connected to the devices through wires or cables, this is no longer necessary, remote models being available even for TVs. There are three main types of remote headphones for TV.

• Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones connect to the TV through a wireless network, using technology specifically developed to eliminate the need to use wires. These headphones receive the signal from the TV and transmit the sound to the earpieces. The signal is very clear, of a better quality than the sound you hear from the TV. Bluetooth technology was invented in 1998, the first headphones incorporating it being created in 2000, for mobile phones. Ever since, it has been incorporated in other devices as well, such as computers, watches, etc.

Infra-red Headphones

IR or infra-red headphones work on the same principle as the TV remote controls. They require a free, unobstructed path between them and the signal transmitter, in this case the TV, for the transmission of the infra-red light signal. The main disadvantage of using IR devices is that they have a limited range of action, usually around 30 feet, which means you cannot get too far from the TV or go from one room to the other.

Radio Frequency Headphones

RF or radio frequency headphones are more convenient than IR units are because they offer greater flexibility. Their signal range can cover as much as 400 feet and even more, depending on the model, so, you can use them to listen to your favourite TV shows while cooking in the kitchen, working on the computer or watching the kids. These are some of the best remote headphones for TV, especially if you are a busy mum.

How to Use Remote Headphones

If there are nights when you just cannot fall asleep and you would like watching TV without disturbing your children or your spouse, headphones are the best option for you. Most TV types, and especially modern ones, include a jack for headphones. Luckily, if you have wireless headphones, you will not need it, and you will not have to get out of bed and wander around the TV every time you want to use them either.

The first thing you need to do, when you buy the remote headphones for TV, is to set up the transmitter. It is usually included in the package and must be connected to your television. Use the headphone jack, the digital audio output or the red and white outputs to do that. In case your TV does not have a headphones jacket, you can use an adapter (RCA-to-headphone) to connect your wireless transmitter to your TV.

As soon as the transmitter is set, you can use your remote headphones for TV to watch your favourite program any time you want.

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