Smartphone Apps for New Gardeners

Technology has come such a long way that even a novice gardener can plant a diverse garden with perfect timing and expectations using one or more of the available smartphone apps. Whether you need a step by step guide for planting your first seed or want to expand your current gardening plan, there is an app to help you do it.

Gardening Toolkit: To get started, all you need is your zip code. This app brings you information concerning your location. Get information about your growing zone, frost, and learn about 1,000 different plant species. You can use this information to pick and choose what it is you want to grow in your own garden.

Gardenate: This app provides information about 90 different edible plants. Learn not only what to grow to feed your household, but how to grow it as well. This is a great guide for those who are just starting out because you can learn what plants to forage for as well as which ones to plant.

Garden Insects: Are you having problems with insects in your garden, but don’t want to contaminate your food supply with dangerous pesticides? This app provides information about common garden insects, including how to recognize them. It also shares safe, natural ways to eliminate these pests from your garden.

Eden Garden Designer: Sometimes it can be hard to just figure out what you want the garden to look like, especially when you are considering some major landscaping changes and not just planting a garden by row. Eden Garden Designer works with your existing lawn to create a new look. All you need to do is take a picture of your yard. Then you select from the images provided to create a new look. Place the images on your own picture to see what the completed landscaping would look like. This could save you a ton of money and give you some great ideas to explore before you start digging or shopping.

Growing a garden can be a lot of fun. Yet, getting started on the garden can be a challenge if you don’t have knowledgeable help or experience. These apps offer you the chance to combine advances n technology with rudimentary gardening techniques. For those who are familiar with technology, but not so familiar with all the details of gardening, these apps can be the key to your gardening success.

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