5 Common Myths About Media Transfer Companies

When researching different media transfer companies, you might hear some wild claims from other people on forums or word of mouth. Here are the top five misconceptions about media transfer companies that I see around the net.

1. Costs too much
While some services cost more than others, they are all generally very affordable for the average family project. Coupled with Facebook promotions, coupons and gift card giveaway events, there are always chances to save even more money off your order. Many companies also use deal sites to promote their services and allow you to save even more.

2. Have to organize everything
While organizing your own media does have its benefits, it is certainly not required to transfer. For example, if you have a video tape transfer project, you can just bring in a big box of tapes, and have the company transfer each tape to DVD that you can easily sort out later. Some might be labeled, some might not be. Some of them might be full of footage, and some others might be blank. Most companies also have no issues with combining multiple video tapes onto the same DVD.

3. Turnaround time is too long
Turnaround times can vary from company to company, and change depending on the type and quantity of media you have. With this in mind, if you need something turned around quickly, your best bet is to use a local company. Local companies typically have less orders processing than a national company, allowing your project to be completed much sooner.

4. You can do all of the transfers yourself
While technically this is true, for most of us, it is not always a feasible option if you don’t have the right equipment. As an example, to purchase the equipment and software necessary to convert your 8mm film to DVD would far surpass the relatively small cost of getting your film transferred to DVD with a transfer company. In addition to lack of suitable equipment, many people face the challenge of achieving a quality “good enough” for a digital transfer. Achieving great quality on media transfers also involves additional costly items like time based corrector units and color correcting devices.

5. Old media still plays in my home theater
If your home theater includes older devices such as VCR, Betamax player, cassette deck, or a turn table, then you will still be able to listen to your older media the way it was originally intended. However, considering these machines contain moving parts which inevitable degrade with repeated use, sooner or later your player, or the media itself will succumb to degradation and be no longer usable. Stay ahead of the game and convert your media to a digital format NOW, before it’s too late and your tapes are unrecoverable.

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