Has Apple Come Out With the Most Innovative OS?

Apple has recently announced its most awaited and anticipated upgraded version of its OS. The arrival of iOS 7 is what everyone has been looking forward to. However, even after the much-awaited launch it seems that this new version of OS is not the innovative change that one would actually agree upon. It seems to have been inspired by various platforms of other Oss.

There are visible points which reflects the fact that it Apple has not been able to come out with an innovative and new OS.

The Color Palette

The most visible difference is the color palette design. Till 2007, Apple had managed to retain the glossy look of the color palette. However, with this latest change it seems that things have changed a lot, the design of the palette seems to resemble the Windows’. Moreover, it now resembles the icon screen of Android Jelly bean. The layout of the apps is tweaked but still retains the old look when it comes to its apps.

The Slide Function

iOS 7 had incorporated a new function for unlocking the phone by sliding. This slider function seems to be similar to that of Android. Android has long been using the function of horizontal unlock, it has recently changed the unlock functionality to swipe. Here it seems that Apple has been inspired by this slide function and adopted it in its OS.

Introducing Real-time

iOS 7 has the new feature of multitasking with apps running in real time. All this is neatly organized in a swipe layout for user convenience. However, this might as well remind you about Windows Phone that has something similar in their UI.

Control Center Functionality

With the latest upgrade in its OS, Apple has introduced the functionality of Control Center in its iOS 7. This feature has long been dominating the OS of Android UI. The similarity of buttons and its size for easy navigation including quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode does look similar.

Swiping Up for Killing Apps

App killing is the most essential thing that comes to the mind of a user especially when one needs to quickly quit an app or free memory. Apple too has introduced the quick swiping up function for killing apps. Even if you are in the multitasking bar you just need to flick it up and it is gone. However, this concept seems to have been in WebOS by Palm ever since 2009.

Safari Tab View Feature

The tab view is the latest addition to the updated Safari browser that is going to be additional advantage for iOS 7 users. This brings Safari at par with the Google Chrome tab view feature.


After considering the above-mentioned visible updates incorporated by Apple in its latest OS it seems that these are in fact inspired by various other platforms. However, to give a fair trial to iOS it can be said that these tweaks are worth the much-expected updates.

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