Is Chromebook 11 Worth It?

Chromebooks have always been fascinating this time it is about the latest Chromebook 11 by HP. This Chromebook runs on Android OS and Windows. It is designed to run the Chrome along with other programs. Now the question is how good it measures up against its rivals in the market. Let us find out what HP has to offer us with this new product to its technology users.

Look and Feel

It is said that the best feature that will attract a user within the first glance is the look and feel. Keeping this in mind HP has not only made its Chromebook sleek, stylish but also overall plastic finish. The overall finish of white plastic with blue accent surrounding the keyboard gives it a stylish look. To make it stay on any surface HP has introduced rubber blue areas that helps keep the grip on any surface. If you are wondering about monotony then you should know that it is available in orange, green and red tones or choose the classic black. Choose any out of the lot as per your individual style and taste the surface is sleek and shiny.


The keyboard is a joy to work around with; you will be easily able to adjust yourself to it. The only trouble seems to be with the track pad that is unresponsive at times. The worst part is that you will not be able to correct it or fix it in anyway. It is better to utilize the old Ctrl+ Tab for navigation purpose.


The system runs on Chrome OS with a processor of Samsung Exynos 5250 that has a RAM of 2GB DDR3. The display of Chromebook is 11.6-inches with a resolution of 1366×768. The storage capability of this gadget is 16GB with a 100 GB space on Google Drive. This does seems to be enough of storage space provided. The connectivity options given by HP are the usual including Bluetooth 4.0 version, USB port 802.11n. Other specifications include its weight that is 1.04 kg that seems to be light as it is a Chromebook that are supposed to be light-weight and its dimensions that are 297x192x17.6mm.


It is all about smooth browsing especially when it comes to working with a Chromebook with Chrome browser. The links in the taskbar are the Apps that are placed there for easy access and quickly open web pages. You will also find pre-loaded games for fun purpose within easy access. However, you might find it odd that this version works well with Windows rather than the Chrome OS. Other things like Google Drive, Office and Spreadsheet are good to work with.

Media Centre

HP will give you 1080p playback; this does seem fine with the Chromebook that gives you its best performance. The speakers are adequately loud and clear. You can easily enjoy your movies and music while in the privacy of your room.

USB Charging

The best that HP provides you is micro USB charging. This sure makes things easy for a user who is more inclined to USB charging. Tablets and Smartphones have long been using USB charging now with HP Chromebook things become easier. However, for better results you need to plug it to an adapter.

Price matter

The HP Chromebook is priced at $365.67 that just seems appropriate. A Chromebook that is stylish, beautiful and has pixels equal to a MacBook Air (much pricey) it is attention grabbing.

Samsung or Chromebook

As per the above-mentioned facts, it seems that Chromebook 11 can be preferred over Samsung Series 3. With 2GB RAM, 16 GB hard drive and Exynos 5 Dual processor, this Chromebook is a good deal. The battery power is that of 6 hours. In comparison, HP has made innovations and improved a lot when it comes to resolution with 1366 x 768. It gives you good viewing angles and the brightness levels are impressive.


However, there is not much to talk about when it comes to Chromebooks. However, one thing is evident, that it is suited for frequent travelers and for those who are light users. You can store your personal data on Google provided you are not looking for a SD card slot for storing data. Other things like screen design, pixels, resolution and the keyboard are good. The HP Chromebook 11 seems to have it all.

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