Should You Upgrade to iPad Air?

This year seems to be lots of changes when it comes to Apple that has launched the latest tablet the iPad Air. This is what makes it difficult for most of the Apple fans to decide which one to go for. iPad Air is sleek and slimmer while iPad Mini has Retina Display but thicker in chassis. Some things like 10 hour battery juice might have you wondering which one is better other things like similar camera and same color options are enough to confuse any user. Let us compare and contrast these two tablets and find out how one is better than another on various criteria.


The iPad Air is bigger 20% percent and wider by 26%. This surely puts this latest iPad into a fully blown tablet that is bigger than its predecessor. The design is a major overhaul and it seems that Apple has changed a lot. However when it comes to the thickness it seems that both are the same at 7.5mm.

The weight of iPad Air is heavier with 42% this does seems to be some drastic change. It seems like 469 grams vs. 331 grams.

The build of both the tablets is anodized aluminum finish, both might seem similar. Another similarity is related to the color options both are available in gray and black hues along with silver or white options.


The iPad mini gives you 65 percent as much screen area as the iPad Air

The big news here is the iPad mini’s Retina Display. It now packs as many pixels as the larger iPad Air, which means it has a much higher pixel density.

In terms of overall screen size, the story is the same as last year. The iPad mini gives you 65 percent as much screen area as the iPad Air does.

System on a chip

Both tablets seem to be faster than the earlier versions sporting A6X that was last year, this year both sport 64-bit A7 chip. This is however similar to the iPhone 5S. Nothing more can be said about it except that they run faster than their predecessors.

Motion coprocessor and Storage

There is hardly any difference when it comes to motion coprocessor as both the tablets sport M7 motion coprocessor that is already present in iPhone 5S. This is not much of a great difference when it comes to tablet but including this technology in iPad is something that Apple has done different. However this does makes a difference on increasing the battery life as it is capable of saving battery.

Both the tablets are even when it comes to storage capacity with 128GB option. Apple sure has not done anything different with the latest iPad when it comes to storage capacity.


If you thought that you would choose iPad Mini then think again. Had it not been the price of the iPad at $330 then it could have been the winner. However, the hike in price and the compact built of this iPad makes it look smaller against iPad Air. So, here it becomes obvious that if you are choosing to switch or go for iPad Air then you might as well as it is bigger and better, of course if you are not so much into the Retina display then you might give this new version a miss.

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