Advantages of Cloud Storage

So you need to back up your computer hard drive. Perhaps you have been very good about regularly backing it up on some external hardware. You’re considering backing it up in the cloud, but you wonder, is cloud storage worth it?

Only you can really answer that question, but many people have come to the conclusion that there are just so many advantages of cloud storage that it’s much more difficult to come up with a reason to not use it.

There is one downside, and that is a new monthly bill. Cloud data storage is not free, and for some people that is a true drawback. To put it in perspective, let’s take a look at what that small (usually pennies a day) fee actually buys you.

Storage space That’s the obvious one. You get a place in the cloud to keep data. Not only that, the amount of hardware space you get can grow with your needs, or it can even start off as unlimited. Upgrading your account to get more space is a matter of a few mouse clicks. You do not have to go to the store and buy another external hard drive.

Hardware You don’t see or have to deal with where your data is physically stored. That is for your provider to worry about the moment you sign on. Imagine not having to purchase, keep and maintain an array of external hardware just to keep your system backed up. Instead, all you have to do is keep your computer connected to the Internet and the rest just happens.

Automated backup No need to make sure the external hardware is connected and turned on at the right time. Just keep your Internet connection on (something you probably do anyway), and your system will be automatically backed up as often as you need it to. Your cloud storage account will come with some default settings and you can change them if you want. You can back up your system once a day or even several times a day. Just set it and forget it.

Seamless restoration Suppose the worst (electronically speaking) happens and you need to restore your hard drive from a backup. Traditionally that has not been an easy or straightforward process, and it’s often required technical help from a computer expert. In contrast, when you need to restore your data from a cloud storage service, it’s generally a simple, streamlined process. And, if you’re unsure, you can always contact the provider technical support line and they will be more than happy to talk you through it.

There are so many advantages to cloud storage that many people who use it believe the small monthly fee more than pays for itself. Not only that, it is possible to get some generous discounts off those monthly fees by taking advantage of incentives some providers are willing to offer just to win you over as their customer.

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