Epos Debate: Test The Water Or Dive?

Swimming, the natural escapism we love. All around the world, swimming is the past time of the summer weekend. Where ever you may be, whether or not there is a beach, there is usually some local pavilion or open park with the facilities to host a cooling pool of water, to immerse yourself in and relax.

You may not realise it, but from an unconventional perspective, we take swim everyday of our lives in the sea of life. Just walking out of our doors everyday is a swim.

When we purchase a new item from a brand we are unfamiliar with, that’s a swim. We swim so much we tend to forget the dangers that lurk in the deep. We take no time to step back, and test the water. But there are dangers in the sea my friends, and they can be a problem to an incautious mind.

But, then again, it all depends what pool you’re in hey? In business, it is essential for you to know what you are investing in before you put your money forward am I correct? Business is one high Priority, one that determines how well your quality of life is. So it is important to consider many risk factors, for blind judgement is a proven hindrance.

That being said, in the retail sector there is a growing issue concerning retail EPOS, and retail possibilities. This issue is pertaining to the purchase of unsatisfactory products, from most of the worlds EPOS Systems. With only a handful having the repertoire to fully completely, ‘walk the talk’.

There are a host of EPOS systems that demonstrate a reasonable service for their price. But few are THE EPOS solution. Respectfully disregarding the generic EPOS systems at large, let’s compare the two major

EPOS systems available. From two distinct suppliers, these two systems are highly critically acclaimed, with a range of strengths and weaknesses serious business owners would know of.

For example, the developers of the second system are renowned for being the leading distributors of EPOS globally. The second system sounds like it is pioneering an EPOS solution to technical issues, (assuming any develop) with fully integrated real time connection to live support, and on top of an on site product Installation, there’s trained next day engineer maintenance. They seem to be the only EPOS system hosting showrooms all over the UK at the moment (London, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh).

Many EPOS Providers have a fair variety of products, but a narrow scope that seems to only offer retail solutions overall. Contrastingly, I have noticed one that has a wider range of possibilities; it caters for industries beyond retail. This product is designed for integration into Fashion, Hospitality and Beauty to name a few.

On multiple Reviews, both products have received rave reviews. With two thirds swaying towards the latter, for its Integrated direct web access and stock control functions, (boy, that would’ve helped in the past). But don’t just take my word for it, here is a couple of quotes from two differing reviews I came across from two separate sites.

“I was able to make sure that when a customer wanted to order, the item(s) was already in stock and the supplier kept informed of depleted products. It was because of the software that the lines I sold never became out of stock and therefore I didn’t lose potential sales. I highly recommend”

Now, this second comment not only caught my attention due to the one star rating it gave the first product, but because it also mentions the negatives of the product unlike the other few before it.

“First of all, let me say that this is a real review, not like others in this section that are very positive, with dates very close to each other and refer to the websites and service than on the product itself. Beware!..The system is extremely basic and lacks functionalities.. you cannot apply discounts… the system freezes often.. Also our mistake that went for the price instead of spending more time researching and testing other systems. Lesson learnt..”

Exaggerated? Perhaps, but I’m yet to see a negative review of the first product. It gets you wondering.

The great thing about life is that no two actions are the same. Everyone is different, with their own unique personalities and opinions to varying situations that often demand an intellectual perspective to successfully over come.

I myself take risks only when there is little to prioritise. Remember, business is a high priority. So when it comes to swimming in the vast ocean of business, I like to take my time and test out anything new I may find beneficial to my business.

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