Facebook Home Preview

Recently the most popular social connect website Facebook has introduced its latest mode of reaching out to mobile users. The Facebook Home interface is designed for Android Smartphones. Let us find out more about it and its functionality.

The Home will be available on April 12, 2013 with AT&T ($99.99). Additionally, this app will be pushed on to the HTC One series including One X+ and Samsung Galaxy series with Note II.

What is Facebook Home all about?

The best feature seems to be the ability to fling away an icon from the screen with a mere flick of your finger. This is indicative of the highly advanced and responsive UI while making things easier for a user. Another thing to notice is the scroll functionality that is swift and smooth. You will find it easy to navigate between pictures without any lag in response.

Fetching E-mails Made Easy

Facebook Home is a surprise to those who have long been hooked on their Android and iPhone devices. This is because basic functionality like e-mail alerts is easy to fetch, it can now be dragged down to the bottom of the screen to be used later on as per your convenience. Now you need not access the menu functionality to access your e-mails.

Home and Display

You will be greeted by a home screen as soon as you will launch the app. The home screen displays an array of your news feed from your Facebook account. This functionality is a bit similar to that of News Feed. You will also be able to view the traditional layout of pictures and stories that you are able to see on the original website. Additionally, all your notifications that are related to your account and system updates will be made available to your with one tap. On the home screen, you will also see a News Filter item that is customized according to what you have chosen and how you want to see it appear on your screen.
Initially you will find the Facebook Home free of any ads.

Apps and Other Functions

The app launcher is yet another interesting aspect that will pleasantly surprise you. This software is built from scratch to be compatible for the mobile utility. The launcher at the first glance might seem like a standard Android app interface that includes familiar buttons that can be tapped and are arranged in a row. You have the freedom to switch between most used apps to fully functional app menu. You will be easily able to move an app from within a menu to another menu.

The addition of Chat Heads is yet another surprise for users. This is a system that manages your chats including text messages, IM’s from Facebook that will run effortlessly on the background. Even if you are busy with other app on the home screen or performing some other functionality the chat is still running.

With Facebook the Chat Heads gives you the extra benefit of providing you the visuals of the contact with whom you are chatting. The chat is displayed within a bubble with the picture of your friend appearing at the top of the chat screen. This allows you to quickly access a chat without having to go through the entire menu.

When you want to chat the bubbles transform into tabs on your chat screen. You can easily switch between your text conversations. Flipping between multiple chat users is easier while talking to them simultaneously. Just tap on the bubble and switch between chat users. On an average touch enabled screen display you will be easily able to view at least 6 tabs of conversation on your screen. If you are using a phone/ tablet like device then you will be able to accommodate more chat conversations simultaneously. It is like the larger the screen the better advantage you have of utilizing the Chat Heads. However you need to remember that if you have been idle for a long time then to resume your chat back you need to re-launch it again.


It is quite early to say anything about it yet but there seems to be some interesting features that have been incorporated in Facebook Home. The best seems to be the Chat Head as chat is the primary communication tool amongst most of the people online. Still some improvements can be made including adjustments in the idle time that will not log you off automatically. Other changes can be made on customizing more options for a user.

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