Galaxy Mega: Another Tablet + Smartphone by Samsung

If you are under the impression that Samsung Galaxy Note II is the ultimate phone + tablet then you are mistaken. With the recent development by the Samsung Group you will see more devices that have the dual capability of acting as a tablet while being a fully functional smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy Mega 5.8 are the ultimate Smartphones that double up as a tablet due to their massive screen size. Let us find out how these two compare against each other.

Size, Build and Weight

Looking at the size both these phones are large, the screen display is the most striking feature of these Smartphones. However, Mega 6.3 is larger and thinner as against its cousin. When it comes to the physical built these phones are surprisingly made out of plastic like build, it comes handy when you need to remove the cover for changing batteries.

Even after being large in size, both the Smartphones are light in weight, thanks to the plastic finish body. You will not feel the weight while carrying it in your hand or even in your pocket.


The resolution of Mega 6.3 and 5.8 are decent if not impressive. The screen size difference is what sets them apart, the resolution is however for both the phones is same with 233 PPI. If you recall it is exactly 34 PPI lesser than the Galaxy Note II. This indicates that the display of both the phones is brilliant with display made of TFT LCD. Comparatively the Note II sports AMOLED display, this means that even after not sporting the display of Note II both the phones are still capable of displaying crisp and sharp content.

Processor and RAM

When it comes to the processors, you might feel a bit disappointed. Both come loaded with dual core CPUs. However, the clock speed is yet to be revealed but one can expect something that is mid-range. The RAM is 1.5 GB in both the versions that indicates mid-range performance. Tthe make for both the processors are yet to be revealed. We can only expect that both are mid-range just as the RAM. However, everyone in the technology market are expecting something that is speedy and above average as against the speculated range by many online sources.

Storage, Wireless, Battery and Camera

The internal storage of both the devices is 8GB. However, Mega 6.3 gives you the option to expand the memory size by 16GB that too if you are willing to shell some extra amount of money. The microSD slot provided in both the phones gives you maximum of 64GB when put together.
The wireless option offered by Mega 6.3 is LTE support. The other version only gives you the option of HSPA+ 21 that is not as efficient against its big brother. However, to support the LTE functionality you need to get in touch with your provider.

The battery power for both the phones is decent, according to online source you will be easily able to last a day without having to charge your phone. This speculation is based on the pixel density that is a major factor in consuming battery juice.

Both the phones sport 8 MP rear end cameras that seem to be decent for capturing videos and pictures. Nothing more can be said about another camera or specifications related to camera app until the official launch.


For all those who are techno-geeks the software will be a pleasant surprise for them. Both the Smartphones sport the latest version of the Android Software 4.2 Jelly Bean. Other things include Nature UX by TouchWiz. This indicates the inclusion of Galaxy S 4’s features. You can easily expect S Translator in real time, S travel for information on trip and the Air view for allowing a preview of your e-mails and pictures by a mere hovering of your finger above the device.


Although it is too early to say anything about these Smartphones, still things like excluding the S Pen might disappoint you a bit. Additionally the pricing and the device availability are again kept well hidden by Samsung. Users in major continents including U.S. and Australia may have to wait until the official announcement.

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