Group Play for Sharing by Samsung

Samsung and sharing are synonymous with each other almost, ever since the company has introduced improved Group Play option in its Galaxy S 4. It is not limited to sharing of pictures and documents; it is much more than that. It also includes sharing media files and connectivity option for Wi-Fi access of other devices. With this feature you will not require Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular data. Initially you need to connect a group and then you get started with sharing anything. Let us understand more about this app.

The initial setup

The Group Play comes inbuilt in your Samsung Galaxy S 4, so you can launch it directly by pressing its icon. As soon as the access point is activated the other devices will recognize it just as another Wi-Fi network connection. As soon as you have launched the program you need to choose Join Group to initiate automatic search for Wi-Fi networks. As soon as it is connected it will be called Group Play ABC, if in any case there are other connections by the same name then you will get a message command asking you which one to join.

Following are the advantages that you get:

• You can share media files, pictures, games and documents with the network that is shown as a lit on the top-right corner of your screen in the group. This way you will also be able to keep track of number of people in the group.

• The creator of the group can set a password to enable secured sharing.

• You can find out the number of devices connected by hovering over the group.

• You have the ability to share multiple files in one session.

• You are also allowed to view slides and create notes via stylus and even your finger.

• Comment of each person added in a group will be represented with a different color to be able to distinguish one from another.

• You are allowed to forward or rewind your presentation whether in your own device or in the device connected in your network. This gives you the option of working on shared projects easily.

• The photo sharing option in Group Play helps you in sorting images based on Sound &Shot.

• With the Music feature you will be able to sync current song to other devices for shared music experience. All you need to do is plug in the headphones for collective music experience. additionally each device or phone added can be used as a speaker for a complete music stereo effect.

• Gaming sessions too can be created by adding 4-6 players in one go.

Bottom line

Group Play is an amazing sharing experience that enables you to share your music, pictures, play games and even work collectively on presentations. However, due to complications that the set up requires you initially need to go through the demo provided by someone or seek tech-expert in this regard. Once you get past the hiccups of setup you will be able to work everything on your own.

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