How to Easy Tips for the Users of Nokia Lumia 620

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a Windows 8 phone that is robust and comes handy for everyday use. The looks of this phone is attractive with various colors to choose from, the screen display is that of 3.8-inch with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. However, the best way to experience using this device is to know about various tips that you can apply. Let us find out about such 10 simple yet easy to apply tips but first a bit about Lumia 620.

About Lumia 620

The performance of the Nokia Lumia 620 is average as it sports a 1GHz dual-core processor that is supported by 512MB RAM. Nonetheless, you can still seamlessly run basic Windows 8 functionality easily without any lag in performance. Along with this you will get various Nokia flagship apps including Music, Drive and Maps.

10 simple yet easy to apply tips on Nokia Lumia 620

Taking Control of your Xbox 360

If you are a gaming freak we take the liberty of assuming that you already won the Xbox 360. You do not need a gaming controller if you have Lumia 360 as it can be used as a controller, a keyboard and as a mouse too. Go to Games Hub->SmartGlass app, in case if you are not able to find it then you can install the same from Windows Marketplace.

Message to inform about your late arrival at a meeting

Often it is the norm that whenever you are arriving late for a given meeting or a scheduled place then you need to inform via texting. If only you could invite your contacts to the appointment it would be easier. Now it is possible with your Windows 8 enabled Smartphone, Calendar->Appointment (choose the appointment for which you are running late), press the bottom right button.

Locating the nearest gas station

You are driving when you realize that the indicator is buzzing to low gas, you have no idea when the next gas station will come or where it is. You can easily locate the nearest gas station with your Nokia Drive app that gives you drive instructions, just enter the words nearest Gas station. If you do not have this app you can download it and then, Go to Settings -> Manage Maps, this will reveal a + button, click the button and choose the country from the list of options. Now the app is loaded on your phone you will be automatically be able to locate the nearest gas station without any data exchange.

Creating animated GIFs instantly

Children are often fascinated to watch animals at the zoo. Here is what you can do to add more fun to it when you are visiting the zoo with your kids. Go to Camera by holding down the button, now for landscape view hold the bottom button depicting 4 dots, for portrait mode hold the outer left button(this has two arrows). Select the app of Cinemagraph and you are done.

Using camera for locating local attractions

Who knew that camera in your Smartphone can be used far more than capturing pictures. Now with your Lumia 620 you can use your camera for locating local attractions, services and any interesting place.

Share files made easy

Lumia 620 is a budget Smartphone that is powered with Windows 8 and the feature of NFC or Near Field Communication. This technology enables you in sharing files easily including contacts, data transfer and even media files. Launch the app select the file and touch.

Transform Lumia 620 in a router

Internet tethering is the best ever option that is provided on your mobile device. It is not only convenient but also fast. However, this option is only available on your Windows 8 phone OS. All you need to do is go to settings and turn the option on.

Hiding caller ID

You want to play a prank on someone but afraid that your caller ID will disclose your secret. Here is what you can do, hide your caller ID. Go to Caller History by pressing the… button that is located at the right bottom corner of your phone->Settings->Show my caller ID, select no one option.

Child friendly

A Smartphone is not only for adults to enjoy but also for kids too maybe this is what Nokia had in mind when it introduced the Kid’s Corner. This is a dedicated section for kids to enjoy with apps and games designed to entertain kids.

Organizing all your e-mails

If you have multiple accounts then it does becomes difficult managing them. However you can place all of them in a common inbox where it is easy to manage all your e-mails. Open one of your e-mail accounts for linking and press the… button, select the option of Link Inboxes and choose inboxes for merging.

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