Installing Bluetooth to Your PC

Enabling Bluetooth on a Windows 7 PC will allow the connection of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and any device that is Bluetooth capable at distances up to around 50 feet, although distance will vary according to the environment you are operating in. Once connected you will be able to transfer files, music and video without being restricted by wires.

Before deciding to implement Bluetooth networking on a Windows 7 PC, check first to see if it is already enabled and if any devices are already connected.

Click Start – Devices and Printers

Any hardware devices will be displayed and you will be able to see if any Bluetooth devices are shown.

At this stage you can Right Click on any Bluetooth displayed device and a box will be displayed with a number of options. Check the box that says “Allow Bluetooth Devices to Find This Computer”, then click OK.

This has effectively turned on the Bluetooth wireless transceiver so that communications is now possible, but you need to make sure that your device also has the Bluetooth wireless transceiver enabled.

Any devices in range should start to communicate with one another through a series of signals often referred to as a “handshake”. This is done automatically as the devices detect each other without human user intervention. The devices for a network that we often refer to as a PAN (Personal Area Network) or even a Piconet. So, if you enabled Bluetooth correctly on both the PC and the external devices, communications between these devices should have taken place.

Once you see your device appear in the device window, Double Click the icon and Windows will create a unique random connection code which is normally numerical. Input this connection code into your remote device and any drivers will be downloaded. Normally a connection to the Internet will be required so that drivers can be located and you will have to ensure that Automatic Updates are turned on for the PC. In most cases this will be the norm.

You should now be able to transfer data between devices just as if they were physically connected. When you are finished, be sure to turn your Bluetooth off on the remote device, otherwise it will try and locate other Bluetooth devices wherever you are located, such as on a train or just walking down the street. Other users will then detect your device.

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