Is the Galaxy S III Mini the Ultimate Budget Phone by Samsung?

We are quite aware of the remarkable features of the Samsung Galaxy S III. It seems to have achieved a viable technology consumer base against its biggest rival, the Apple iPhone. After this the company launched Galaxy S 4 and now recently it has launched yet another Smartphone called the Galaxy S III Mini. Though many are under the impression that this phone is a miniature version of its cousin Samsung Galaxy SIII but there are some unique aspects and added features that you should know about this phone.

Let us find out how tall it stands against the Samsung Galaxy S III.


The Samsung Galaxy S III sports a 1.4GHz processor, while the Mini sports a 1GHz dual-core processor. This processor is capable of delivering performance that is at par with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The resolution of the Samsung S III is 306 PPI or pixels per inch and this is in close competition to the iPhone with 326PPI and Retina Display. However when it comes to the Samsung S III there are no such features to talk about with regard to its resolution. The resolution of the S III Mini is 480 x 800 that is equal to 233 PPI. When we compare it against the S II then it seems to be a bit better in its display. Nonetheless, you will be impressed by the Super AMOLED display technology used on this phone. This technology gives impressive colors and good view outdoors.

Connectivity and OS

The S III Mini is capable of 3G and 4G LTE (Vodafone) data streaming but will only be able to deliver a 14.4Mbit/sec down and at most 5.76Mbit/sec up speed. This comes as a surprise especially with a dual-core processor.

The Mini is loaded with the latest available OS software version with the Android Jelly Bean 4.1. You will also find the TouchWiz UI software included that ensures smooth navigation between apps. You will never complain of any performance lag when it comes to launching apps or moving between menu screens.

Pre-Loaded Software

This version comes with the two most noticeable features of the Samsung Galaxy S III; the S voice software and the Smart Stay technology. The S Voice bears close resemblance to Siri. Its primary requirement is that it should clearly make out your accent to follow accurate commands. Nonetheless, you will still enjoy this feature to fetch your search requests as well as schedule events by voice command.

The Smart Stay technology is not of much help because the screen size is not much. It is more useful for those who like reading content or watching media on their phone. It might not be too useful as you might not enjoy reading small font on your Mini screen. However, as far as the phone viewing angles are concerned you will surely be impressed at the clarity and comfort of looking at the screen.


It seems as though Samsung was inspired by the steps taken by Apple when it created iPad Mini. Similarly, Samsung too seems to have replicated a bit of its technology from Galaxy S II to Galaxy S III Mini. However, this is just another rumor in the technology market. When we look at the technology and software added in the S III Mini then you will really be impressed. It actually cannot be deemed as a miniature version of S III but the product is such that it should be given the stature of a new product launched by Samsung.

The Samsung S III Mini fits well into the palm of your hands with its 4-inch frame. The plastic finish makes it light and therefore similar to other S series phones by Samsung. The latest available 4.1 version of OS is yet another noticeable feature that gives a good performance. In conclusion if you are the one who wants something similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III then you can opt for S III Mini. This Smartphone is budget friendly with up-to-date software with enough features to suit your purpose.

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