Motion Sensors Continue to Amaze

As I have always maintained, a motion sensor is an amazing piece of technology. Engineers are finding it so much easier to make improvements on many popular electronic products in the electronic world. It is just simply amazing the comfort and style this technology is providing customers all over the world.

Now, we are quite aware of their security benefits, but are we aware of how tremendously well they are doing in other areas? Let us take a look at some of these.

Touch Screen

For those who do not know, a sensor hub is processing element that integrates other motion sensors in an electric device. This is allows many devices such as mobile phones and tablets to sense the environment more efficiently and with way less strain on batteries.

A good example of this is the touch screen technology. Customers can simply hold their fingers a few inches away from a touch screen to navigate around. All of this is made possible by motion sensors.

Manufacturers of electronic devices love this and make a killing from this technology.

Leap Motion

Leap motion has recently launched a new device name after the company, which will be made available in May. This new product is a total game changer in how users interact with their desk tops and laptops. I say touch screen will have a new competitor when this device becomes available.

With the aid of sensors leap motion allows computer users to control their computers in the same way gamers use the Xbox Kinect motion sensor.

This simply means people can now stay in front of their computer and perform a number of simple task with just movement of the hands and without ever touching their device.


Jabra, a leading producer of headset solutions, has recently launched a new series of headsets. This new line uses motion sensors and microphones to respond to changes in the environment.

A good example of how this new product works is that it automatically turns off when a user falls asleep. When a user decides to sit instead of walking the device will automatically adjust the volume. This allows individuals to focus on calls rather than on other interfering variables. How comfortable that is?

Amazingly, with this device Jabra can give their customers an experience that let them feel that they are indeed getting value for their money.

It is so clear that motion sensors are here to stay for a long time to come. We can all wait with great suspense to see which product they will enhance next.

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