New Flipboard With Additional Features for Android and IOS Users

The original Flipboard started as an idea that was produced by a private company in Silicon Valley. The concept was to share, manage, organize all the posts, news and information in a collection. Now it has become so popular that more than 50 million users are availing it worldwide. Recently the latest version of Flipboard is launched with additional features that can be used by Android as well as iOS users alike. let us find out what all it is about and how useful it is in the current technology scenario.

All about new Flipboard

It comes handy for compiling your own handpicked news items and other posts that are displayed on your social accounts. The items that you choose to be added to the app are as easy to access as leafing through a real magazine or a book. The collections that are added by you will line up as per the latest posts according to the criteria. Any news item such as, current affairs, news on technology will stay updated and appear according to the latest input. It is just like tweets that contain reference pages.

The magazine is easy to produce with one click or tap and adding items to it is quick. The layout provided by Flipboard is brilliant, the crisp appearance of headlines, cover pictures and arrangement of articles and photos are all well organized without any hassle on the part of user. you can even store content for offline read.

Additional Features

The recently added feature of Personal Magazine is what makes it even more interesting to use. This feature enables you in creating your own publications on the topics of your interest. Now you can include handpicked posts and articles as per your choice. it is as simple as a one tap, for example you want to include a post, article or a video in your collection, you just need to tap the + button to add it. additionally, choose to flip it in existing magazines or topics. This way now you have a personal collection of topics within a magazine that you can update as and when you want. This saves you the hassle of continuous updates or news feeds that are at times annoying.

The search functionality is yet another feature that facilitates in looking up for items within Flipboard as well as in the list of social websites. You can conduct search for social websites like Flicker, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, You Tube and many more. You can search for content, RSS feeds and other such updates quickly.

The Bookmark is yet another feature that is compatible with the browsers for your Mac and PC, it enables in adding content. As soon as you find a topic of interest online that you want to include in your magazine click the Bookmark, a small window launches with array of thumbnails of your previously created magazines. You can add this to any of the magazines.

The Notifications feature comes handy for alerts against comments and likes. Create a magazine and share it on your network, the people in your network can grade it, like it or comment on it.

Some Limitations

You can easily subscribe a magazine of your choice online to enable continued access; you can share a link of the magazine on any of your social accounts. If you want you can even e-mail it to your friend network. However, a link to your magazine can only be viewed by a user already owning Flipboard.

Another limitation seems to be that with editing. you can only pull in content available online. This means that you cannot add anything from your own device on it, cannot rearrange articles, add pictures or videos. If you want to add a recent picture then you first need to post it to Instagram or Flicker and then add it. As for adding article authored by you, it should be first posted online to be later on included in the magazine.

The only direct functionality allowed is changing cover picture that includes the latest article picture by default. Other things include removing items; changing and creating titles add a one-line description of your magazine and set the status to public or private visibility.

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