Simple Steps for Synchronizing Your Outlook to Google Apps

Outlook is the primary online communication that rules the hearts of business users worldwide. This is an essential e-mail client that is said to have more than a billion of MS Office users. However, handfuls are of the opinion that Google has a lot more to offer on terms of saving time and money. Additionally, Google is capable of hosting calendars, contacts and e-mail services even with the inclusion of third party access. If this is the scenario, then using Outlook with Google Apps will result in a much better functionality and maintenance.


You have the option of synchronizing your Outlook to Google Apps to take full advantage of tools offered by both the services. However, this is only possible with Outlook 2010. If you are using the 2013 version then you will only be able to avail limited mobility with e-mail via IMAP. Other things like calendars, contacts and tasks are not included in the service.

Using the option of Apps Sync will help you in synchronizing both the services. This app is capable of supporting various OS versions including Outlook (2003, 2007 and 2010), Windows XP and Vista; also Mac Outlook 2011. You will be able to avail dual-utilities along with Apps Sync like Google Apps Migration (MS Outlook). This helps in moving your data of your existing account to Google Apps. Following steps will help you with the process of syncing:

• Initially begin with downloading the utility of Google Apps but first ensure that you have logged out of your Outlook account.
• The software begins to install automatically when you hit the Download button, click OK to confirm it.
• A dialog box appears that asks you to login to your account, remember this is the same login for your Corporate Gmail account.
• Now carefully choose to check mark against various options to specify the files you want to import.
• Remember to uncheck the box against the option of Deleted and Junk E-mail.
• Click the Advanced button and uncheck the AutoArchive to turn it off. Unless you wish to keep copies of all your messages in an archive, you should refrain from un-checking it.
• Click Create profile button to initiate profile creation process.

On launching your Outlook, you will see the process of synchronization. This is when your Outlook starts adding folders and new e-mails with up to 1GB. To change the limit of storage you can go to the Trey Icon and set it according to your requirements with the option of Set Mailbox size limit. One more thing to keep in mind is that if you have selected the checkbox against open this window when Microsoft Outlook starts the messages will keep appearing. Unless you want your calendar items, contacts and mails missing.

After applying the above given steps, your synchronization process is complete and you can begin using your e-mail service.

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