Tapping Into Chinese Tablet PCs

With brand names like Onda, Yuandao, Zenithink, Teclast, Cube, Gemei, and so much more, it’s hard not to be taken in this mystical world of Chinese tablet PCs. These tablets do everything the iPad does, sometimes even better. They can, for example, turn any HDTV or LCD monitor into a “smart” TV that can play all available media on the internet. And the great thing is; it can easily be carried into your purse or backpack.

Love working on your laptop, but don’t really like the bulk you have to lug around all day? Well, then tablet PCs are the solution. The battery life in these tablets can last all day as opposed to the laptop which can’t go more than two to three hours, and that means you have to anchor down next to an electrical plug.

Business people prefer working on a tablet PC because it can be connected with the HDMI connection and the presentation is all ready to go. During the presentation, the tablet can be held comfortably in your hand, or it can be put down on the table. Even for educational purposes, it is portable and convenient. It allows for easy note-taking, storing information and retrieving it whenever it’s needed.

Another great advantage is that users have a choice of whether they wish to type or write on the tablet as if writing on a piece of paper via a stylus which can be bought. The tablet then smartly converts the writing into digital text. As for typing, you have the choice to use the virtual keyboard, which makes some users uncomfortable as it affects their speed and accuracy, or you can switch it to laptop mode. There is also an alternative solution, and that is attaching an external Bluetooth keyboard.

Those who opt for a tablet do so to improve their work environment because it makes for better sharing of ideas and more productive group work. The screen is conveniently bigger to make reading, studying, surfing the web, checking your e-mail, etc. easy as pie and enjoyable too.

The beauty of owning a Chinese Tablet is that it offers all of the great quality as the well-known brands without paying a lot of money. The market for these tablets in China is rocketing with manufacturers upgrading and improving their products constantly. For example, Zenithink is one of the leading companies in this field and its C91 tablet was a hot seller. In early 2012 they released a brand new model based on this hot seller simply calling it Zenithink C91 upgrade. The upgrade improved its built-in memory to 1024 (1G) among other specifications that were altered and finely-tuned to keep up with the demands of a growing market.

So, in short, if you are looking for a tablet PC but are not willing to spend a lot of cash, then consider Chinese tablets. They are the wave of the future.

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