The Text To Speech Generator – Is It an Unfair Advantage?

The text to speech generator, a superb tool which allows you to double your productivity, can be a great advantage in school, business, and just about any other endeavor. And, since everybody has access to it, it can hardly be called an “unfair” advantage. The bottom line is, if your life is hectic and you’re looking for a way to release some pressure, stress and frustration, you might also consider using one.

What Does It Do?

A text to speech generator is an incredibly powerful and advanced tool that makes staying on top of your reading obligations as simple as turning on an MP3 player or popping in a CD. Gone are the days that a computer-generated voice sounds like a crude, television robot. Many firms today produce the highest quality and most technologically advanced voices, complete with the nuances that make speech clear and understandable; as if having a conversation with a living, breathing person right in front of you.

Easily Increase Your Productivity

Helping increase productivity is where a text to speech generator really shines. Any written text can be processed through the software and saved to an audio file formatted with a male or female voice in the language of your choice. Take this file to the gym, on a walk or bike ride, in the car on the way to work, or wherever listening to anything on a CD, MP3 player or phone is suitable. What you previously had to read, you can now listen to. In essence, you’ve doubled your productivity because you can now do two things at once.

The text to speech generator has an almost limitless number of applications.

Learn A Language

This is an excellent way to learn a language. Listen to someone speak the language while following along on the page. Hear the correct pronunciation of the words and experience the clarity of how the language should sound. The voices are incredibly lifelike.

Listen To The Text On Your Computer Screen

The text to speech software installs on the computer and integrates with the computer applications you select. Just click on the software icon at the top of the screen and the contents of the screen will be read aloud. This can be a serious time saver while multi-tasking. Browse the internet while audibly proof reading a document, or listen to email while doing graphics work.

Great Web Applications

Websites can use these great-sounding voices to present products and explain written details. Turning text into sound for use on a website is as simple as clicking the mouse a few times. The sound files generated by the software can be saved to disk for use on any website, and once the inexpensive software is purchased, usage is unlimited.

Market To A Variety Of Cultures And Languages

Companies with customers or audiences that speak a different language can easily benefit. Any written material can be translated via the web and processed through the text to speech generator using the appropriate language voice. The audio file can be uploaded and used in a variety of ways.

Telephone System Integration

Many companies use automated software and voices for their telephone systems. Experiencing the incredible, lifelike quality of a synthesized voice on the phone is probably a daily occurrence for many of us.

A Great Study Aid

Listen to reading assignments and class notes while walking or driving to school. Use the extra minutes while stuck in traffic to brush up on last-minute information needed for an upcoming test. Who knows, maybe listening to a textbook while you sleep will help more than you think.

With the right tools, many people have doubled their productivity. Follow the link bellow and discover an inexpensive way that you can too.

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