Toshiba Qosmio X870 – An Excellent Multimedia Laptop With a Neat Design and Quad-Core Processor

Toshiba has consistently engineered some of the sturdiest and long-lasting laptops money can buy. The Toshiba Qosmio X870 is no different. Whatever you’re looking for in a notebook, whether it is power, speed, or portability, this system offers it all.

It also has a glossy black design with an LED backlit keyboard and a 17.3-inch display. Don’t think that because it has a large display that it can’t be carried around. In actuality, it’s compact and thin for its size. If you want to take it around with you, you will be able to do so without any problems.

That said, many people want to use it as a gaming laptop and prefer to keep it on a desk. It’s powerful and fast enough to handle 3D games. There aren’t many laptops out there that can hold an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, or 16 GB of memory.

Maintenance on this PC shouldn’t be a problem. The hardware it comes with is easily accessible. All you have to do is remove the large panel at the bottom with a screwdriver or needle. You will gain access to the SSD drive, two RAM slots, the WLAN card, and hard drive.

Overall, the X870 has a nice design, with its red trimming and accents around a black case. It has a slightly better appearance than the previous X770 model. The lid is a uniform color, and features a nice, illuminated Qosmio logo. When opened, the notebook has a stable build. Most of the surface is made out of aluminum, making it easy to grip. The display is held in place securely.

As mentioned above, the notebook has a quad-core processor. It can hold an Intel Core i7, which is one of the latest models based on Ivy Bridge architecture. The i7 can handle eight-threads simultaneously with its multithreading capabilities.

As for the display, you have a couple to choose from. It’s up to you whether you want a non-3D version or high-end 3D version. The non-3D display comes with a resolution of 1600×900, and the 3D model has a full-HD 1920×1080 resolution.

The Toshiba Qosmio X870 offers enough connectivity to keep most users satisfied. It has four of the new USB 3.0 ports. This means you can expect your data transfers to be high-speed, whenever you want to transfer music files, images, videos, and other files between the laptop and other devices. It also comes with a VGA port, HDMI, LAN, and optional Blu-Ray drive.

To get this laptop at a discount price, order it online. There are special Toshiba Qosmio X870 promo codes that are exclusive to online shoppers. All in all, it’s one of the best multimedia laptops on the market. It also comes with good wireless technology for mobile use. You can keep it around the house or take it with you wherever you go – it’s easy to use either way.

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