Windows Blue: Will It Be the Ultimate OS Version?

If you are a technology enthusiast then you might have heard about the new term Windows Blue that seems to be the new terminology for the upcoming OS by Microsoft. This OS is the upgraded version of Windows 8 that will have enhanced features and added functionality. According to online news source, this version will be available to RT and server both; this also includes the professional and desktop personal use systems.

What to expect from Windows Blue?

Now all you need to know is what will Windows Blue comprise. Like every enhanced version of OS, there are some tweaks and additional features in this version too that ensure better user experience. According to various sources, here are few essentials that might be included in this latest version. Let us find out all about it.

More Touch and Snap Options

According to what has been shown in the videos released, it seems that the new OS is enabled with more touch capabilities. Improvements have been made in enhanced touch. For example, the enhanced swipe gesture will include access to app list in desktop as well as other interface.

Snap functionality as we all know enables in displaying two apps on the screen, this too is enhanced. More options are included that will help you open four apps. The display too will accordingly change now with four apps the display will be vertical quarters.

New Apps Included

If sources are to be believed the leaked screenshots of, the new Windows show new apps that are designed to complement the People, Calendar, E-mail and other functionalities. Other things include sound recorder and alarm, numbered tiles that seem more of the calculator functionality.

Small Tile Size

When it comes to the display of tiles menu in Windows 8, you are only given two view sizes. The home screen sports rectangle size and a large square size. When it comes to the new version the Blue, you have a better view with smaller tiles that are almost quarter in size to the Windows 8 tile. This will help you in better organizing your tiles in groups.

Improvements in Charm Bar

The best that an OS can offer is the ability to customize and organize stuff according to what you want. With the Windows Blue gives you the chance to customize the Charm bar. You will also be able to customize the Start Screen that will be possible through Personalize to enable swapping the background, edit the colors in background, you will now be able to directly edit accent colors from OS sidebar. Another added capability is the enhanced search capability.

Internet Explorer 11

The latest update related to browser is that of IE 11 that is availed by the Window 7 users till date. However, the browser for Windows 8 is supportive of HTML5 that ensured speedy browsing experience. The latest version of OS will be supportive of the browser and will bring enhanced capabilities to the IE 11. This includes the ability of tab syncing.

SkyDrive sync?

As much as the feature of synchronizing SkyDrive is to many users, the most disappointing aspect is that it is not available in the latest version as for now. The SkyDrive app is not yet fully capable of offering syncing as smooth as Windows 7 versions of OS. However, the official confirmation is yet to arrive about the inclusion of syncing in the new OS. Therefore, there is still hope.

Other Additions

After all is said there is still more time and more additions to be done in the Windows Blue. The list of additional features and tweaks is still in the works, nothing is final. Until there is a final word from the makers this are only speculations about the probable additions and enhancements.

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