Get a Computer and Explore the Internet

Many are now finding a new life through the computer and being online where they can write and share stories until their-hearts-content, do their shopping and banking and talk to friends for free. Experiences are such that without this machine university essays would be more tedious and marks less rewarding, among other things. Letters are simpler to compile and responses to emails a breeze.

Using the device writing skills have improved dramatically for potential authors to such an extent that there are now many with published e-books selling online to provide income. Their communication skills have also improved dramatically since getting online.

The computer is, of course, nothing without the software programs to bring them alive. Some programs correct bad spelling, alerts the writer to bad grammar and automatically provides word count, access to the thesaurus, spelling checks and so forth. This allows many who are not as conversant with correct grammar and spelling to succeed. Other programs and apps do far more and are very enjoyable to use. The online games and gaming facilities are another side of the Internet.

For book writing there are ‘portable document format’ or PDF programs downloadable and many are free. This makes compiling an e-book ready for publication so easy that some are now writing their memoirs. These programs for self-publishing mean that they do all the work of setting the page and chapters up which is otherwise more tedious.

Older people are also enjoying being online. They have a lot to contribute to society before they pass on and their experiences and skills can be relayed through such publications. On top of that they can make money selling their material and gaining an extra bit of income. Many in this category spend most of their days on the Internet while writing and making friends online.

As the mobility of the legs decreases with age and arthritis sets in the computer is a blessed release from boredom. While one loves gardening, walking and other forms of exercise these things are not always appropriate in such cases.

The computer is, therefore, a marvellous piece of equipment for any age and the interest it provides is enormous. Young children are now getting into it as well and they can only do that if the parents have the machine.

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