How to Choose an iPad Mini Case

Some people never put much thought into choosing a case for their iPad mini. But really with the amount of iPad mini cases to choose from, and the different types of for different uses. This article will breakdown the different types and help you choose which iPad mini case is best for your lifestyle.

One of the most popular things people do with their iPads is reading on it. My wife for one absoutlely loves to read and that doesn’t change when she’s holding an iPad. If you are an avid reader then getting a book style mini case is your best bet. These are really great for reading because they turn your iPad into an easy to hold book. Some of these cases get their designs from actual book, complete with hard covers, while others take the functionality of a book, but put a whole new spin on the design of the cover. Either way, they offer great protection of your device, as well as adding style and book like functionality.

Another very popular function of the iPad mini is how great it plays videos. If you are one of those people, like me, who really enjoys watching video on your device then an iPad mini case that includes a stand is right up your alley. These cases are great because with the stand it angles your mini in the perfect position for watching YouTube, Netflix, or even your favorite sports team. Another thing I really like about these cases is how you can prop up your iPad anywhere. So when my wife asks me to fix the pipes, drywall or something on the car, being a computer geek, I just look it up on YouTube and play the video right next to my workspace so I can follow right along with the video.

What if you like to take your iPad mini with you everywhere? Well that’s me too. I love having my iPad with me no matter where I’m at. So for this purpose a case that offers a hard shell cover is the best. The one that comes to mind is the Otterbox defender. It is like putting your device inside a tank. Alright not quite that serious, but it does offer a wonderful layer of protection to your device. With a case like the Otterbox, or some other protection style case you don’t have to worry about dropping your iPad mini, scratching, dinging or denting it, because these cases really protect it from all angles.

Finally there are the cases that have a wireless keyboard included with them. Now I like them too. If we are on vacation I love having the ability to pack the iPad mini and Bluetooth keyboard and being able to write a blog post, article or even send some emails to family. These keyboards are ideal for this. They are small and compact, but still pack the punch you get from a full size keyboard.

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