HP Envy X2: Owner’s Pride, Neighbor’s Envy?

HP has recently jumped into tablet production by introducing the Envy x2. This convertible tab weighs 1.5lbs that can be attached to a keyboard dock. The other version is a 3.1lbs weight tablet with an easily detachable tab. The convertible tabs by HP costs $849, which seems to be higher than other tablets, but it also includes a keyboard. Additionally, it has a dual powered battery capable of 12 hour video streaming. This makes it a powerful tablet that has increased battery power as compared to other tablets. The tab has the ability to accommodate third-party software.

Let us find out more about it.

Hardware and Design

The tablet is covered in a shell of slivery aluminum finish that measures at 0.76 inch. The rear side of the tablets has hinges that clasp the tablet and keyboard together. The Envy X2 is powered with IPS touch enabled screen, NFC and a SD card input that is located in keyboard along with a slot for Micro SD in the tablet. This is what sets it apart from the product by Apple. However, one thing worth noticing is that the system does not have a fan. Therefore it is difficult to tune into music or work silently without any noise distracting you.

Physical Features

When we look at the Envy X2 keyboard you will notice a doc located at the right side for SD card input, a 2.0 port enables USB along with a charging port. Left side of the keyboard comprises a jack for headphone input, a USB port of 2.0 version and a support for HDMI. One noticeable feature is that the input for HDMI is located on the keyboard, which means that you can only stream media when the screen is attached.

The tab is attached to the keyboard via magnetic slots that can be released from the keyboard hinge for independent use. The tablet too has a headphone jack and a charging port in case you want to fully utilize the device as a tab. Both these ports are located at the bottom of the tablet. Additionally, you will also find a MicroSD card slot along with the capacity for memory expansion of 64GB SSD. Utility buttons like power and volume rocker are located at the right side of the tablet.

Screen and Cameras

The screen measures 11.6-inch IPS with a resolution of 1,366×768 and a brighter display. The colors are rich and lifelike. You can have good picture quality at any given viewing angle. The tablet contains two cameras, the front camera has an 1080p resolution and the rear end camera is 8MP. The front camera is good for self-shots and video chat. The rear end camera is suitable for capturing good pictures.

The touch-enabled screen diagonally measures 4 inches making it easy to operate. The touch screen is smooth and highly responsive and you will not complain of any performance lag.


As far as convergence of technology goes, HP Envy X2 is a good convertible tab/ laptop. The battery life, high-resolution cameras and the physical form are impressive indeed. However, it does lack in performance as the 2GB RAM and Atom processor fails to perform in the laptop mode. As compared to its rivals that sport nothing less than a Core i3 processors, this seems appropriate for laptops.

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