Is Apple Launching the New IOS?

The market is abuzz with the news that Apple developers are working to developing the latest iOS version. It is being said that work on iOS 7 has already begun. Although it is not clear about the specific features that it might incorporate. The official announcement about this new version is still on hold, it will only be available around June 2013. Until then one can only guess and hope that this new version is what one wants because it accommodates the iOS 6 features as well as several other new features.

Let us try and have a look at the probable features that the new version might have:

Adding Widgets

The most essential feature that any technology user might agree upon is the widgets. It not only makes things easier but also helps in fetching the latest updates immediately. Any technology user including an Android or even a Windows user would agree upon its inclusion as an essential part in any software. Additionally, with so many latest updates in the software field it becomes necessary for Apple to keep up with the trend and include it. Apart from this a user wants to access everything immediately on the home screen itself including functionalities like Wi-Fi, brightness, 3G and other such options.

Active Feeds on Home Screen

Apple has yet to incorporate a life feed on its home screen. This is what is disappointing. It would make it easier to scroll through the list of active feeds that appear on the home screen instead of checking them out from the menu.

Battery Alert Settings

iOS 6 has faced many issues related to battery power. Issues like easy battery drain and battery consumption are the key ones. Additionally, if more features are included in the phone then it might consume more battery. It seems as though in the new iOS battery consumption is again going to haunt a user. However, to overcome this issues Apple might like to incorporate battery alerts that are customizable. A user should be able to receive alerts against low percentage of battery, for example, as soon as battery is low by 40% a user should be sent an alert.

Automatic App Updates

The best feature that one can think of is incorporating an automatic app update. Going into the store and checking out the latest update on app is tiring. Instead, Apple should include an auto-update of apps as soon as there is an update in the store for any app.

Better Functionality of Siri

Siri is good as far as voice assistance goes. However, it is up against Google Voice. This is what makes it lag behind, especially when it comes to performing certain activities. For example, you cannot command Siri to launch a website in Google Chrome. Apple needs to make more changes in its new iOS so that Siri is able to take more commands and launch more operations.

Customizing Themes

It is not possible to customize your fonts or themes on the iOS 6. However, being able to do so is empowering a user to make more changes accordingly. Apple should think of including customizable themes, fonts, color schemes and other such things. Users are not pleased with the graphical look of the Apple.

Selective Privacy Settings

Changes in technology have lead to providing users with making privacy changes. It is about time that Apple too should think about providing selective privacy protection to apps and folders. As for the current OS, a user can only make general settings by Settings> General. This does not enable private data protection of a user given the amount of data that a technology user stores on a device.

Including a File Manager

An intuitive interface is a brilliant idea but users will be more thrilled if there is a file manager in Apple device. Being able to control file settings by drag and drop, renaming, editing is all what a user would like to take control of on their device.

All the above are some of the features that we might hopefully see in the iOS 7 by Apple.

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