Is Samsung Successful in Bringing Out a Mini Galaxy S III?

Amongst the bigger Smartphones sporting large screen size you need to shell out significant bucks to purchase it. Smartphones like HTC One series and the Samsung Galaxy series cost a bit that might leave you with no choice but pick another brand phone. However if you are aware of the latest Smartphone by Samsung the Galaxy S III Mini, then you might be delighted to see what all it offers at a budget friendly pricing. Let us discover all about this recently launched phone.

Design and build

Initially you might feel that it is just the shrunken version of its predecessor the Galaxy S III, both the phone seem identical but only for the size factor. The Mini Galaxy seems to have a few cosmetic changes that makes it look different in size as against its another cousin. Things like the power button, volume rocker are exactly placed in the same way. Other things like, placement of cameras and sensors are on the either sides. The port for headphone, the LED flash and speaker grill are slightly moved.

The appearance of Galaxy Mini is as impressive as the larger version, curved sides with no corners. When you hold it in palm of your hand it might seem small and this is what makes it easy to handle with one hand. Weighing at 113grams, the thickness of this phone is 10.2mm. This Smartphone is available in titanium grey, garnet red, marble white and pebble blue. It seems like Samsung is all set to woo users who emphasize on style along with technology.

The overall design of the phone is impressive as the front side is glass protected with silver metal frame that makes the phone robust and gives it style. The backside is unibody plastic finish that protects the SIM card, Micro SD card slot and battery.


The Galaxy S III mini sports a 1GHz dual-core processor that is supported with a 1GB RAM. The screen of this phone has a resolution of 480×800 that is enabled with Super AMOLED technology and 233ppi.

When it comes to memory storage you get two variants one with 8GB and another with 16GB of internal storage. However, you also have the option to expand the memory to 32GB. Remember the slot for MicroSD is beneath the battery cover.

The connectivity options include GPS, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Additionally Samsung has now also included the technology of NFC to facilitate users with quick data exchange. However, as for now this phone is only supportive of 3G connectivity. One thing that might annoy you is as soon as you hook up your device to your PC it might be displayed as external storage device. It seems as though Samsung has forgotten to install a PC suite connectivity option.

Cameras and Software

Samsung Mini sports two cameras. The rear end camera is 5Mp the front facing camera is VGA for video chat and calls. The video captured with the 5MP camera is 720p that is decent enough. However, you cannot rely upon the front camera, as it is mere VGA with low quality images and video. The images thus captured appear grainy.

Powered with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS it comes along with a lot of assorted software. The latest addition is the UI of TouchWiz.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII mini features some impressive software that includes Smart Alert, Motion Controls and Direct Call. Additionally, you will love other features like Smart Stay, a customized notification bar, and a power saving mode that is necessary for any traveler.

The Jelly Bean gives you the advantage of the most sought out feature that of, a predictive search hub. Additionally, you will enjoy the expandable notifications.

Battery life

This mini version sports 1500mAh battery but you need not be disappointed as the battery juice lasts for an entire day. Even after using it the whole day you will still be left with 40% of battery juice. This is impressive when we look at the battery power on paper and the actual power it has in real life application. However, for caution if you are out travelling excessively then indulging in video playback and gaming might not be a good idea. This will give you 2 days of battery backup. Additionally, the power saving mode automatically switches on the moment low battery is detected you can activate it manually though notifications menu.


The battery charges quickly, it lasts for maximum 2 days; it is powered with a few impressive features from its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini sports the latest OS version.

The only drawback seems to be trouble charging with USB cable. Therefore, it is advisable that you use the cable to charge it, the traditional way. In conclusion to all the above it seems that Samsung is successful in bringing out a Mini Galaxy S III.

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