Just The Touch Of A Screen

If you have ever used a smartphone, then you know about using your fingers to navigate the screens. Whether watching the news anchors use them on TV news or noticing that teachers are using touch displays in their classrooms, it seems that replacing the computer mouse in this way is not only stylish, but it is simple and convenient. With touch screen technology, you can do anything from ordering postage at the local post office, to making choices on a computer screen at the local museum, to searching the internet.

Now, there are computer monitors that allow for touch screen display that make computing easy just by tapping the screen with either an object or your fingers. Windows 8 enables the screen to be used more like a tablet or smartphone. The multi touch monitor lets you use more than just one finger at a time.

For instance, if you want to zoom in, you might use two fingers to make the screen picture spread out or shrink. The multi touch screen monitor makes it easy to do presentations for large crowds as well as simplifying individual computing. What is different about these kinds of screens now, as opposed to when they were first introduced, is that they have the capability to understand and respond to multiple fingers and motions. Unlike a mouse that requires several clicks or function procedures to enlarge a screen or move around a webpage, the new technology is many times just a one tap procedure.

Touch screens have changed the way computing is done. No longer is casual computing done on a large bulky computer. With the advent of smartphones, people have become more mobile. Smartphones have become miniature computers without all of the gadgets that plug into them. Even typing on a keyboard is done by typing right onto the screen. Some people wanted a slightly larger option than the smartphone, so the demand caused the tablet to be invented. Tablets allowed for more serious computing and with a larger screen than the smartphones, but still kept the touch capability that was available.

Now, all kinds of computers can be adapted to the touch screen technology just by having a special monitor and the right kind of software. More and more this new technology will be incorporated into businesses and it will help to improve productivity. Anywhere that the public can be assisted easily with it, there will be a need for it.

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