Learn to Lock iPad Screen Rotation

One of the most annoying things when using the iPad is when the screen rotates by itself without asking. This is usually the case when I’m lying sideways on my bed or sofa trying to view an online article from either newspaper, blogs or articles. This also happens when I’m scouring through Facebook in bed when I just woke up and wanted to know what’s happening out in the world with my friends and family. Also, it gets frustrating when showing friends and family a picture on my iPad when the iPad is positioned horizontally flat.

For my iPad, which is the older version, the screen rotation lock is located at the top left physical slide button. Just slide it to lock or unlock the screen rotation. Often times, I forget that the rotation is locked. On the screen, a little arrow is shown and the lock icon at the top right side of the screen will serve as a reminder that the lock is switched on. There you go. Too easy! Quite often, I’d just leave the screen rotation locked and get accustomed to the one screen orientation. I find it easier to just use one screen orientation, usually the portrait orientation given that I read a lot. The only times I use the landscape orientation is when I need to view wide angled pictures. Even then, it’s just one button slide away.

In the newest iPad update, which is the predominant number of the newer iPads these days, the top left slide button is changed to an audio mute button. You can lock the screen rotation by double clicking on the home button and then flick the bottom multitask bar to the right. The screen rotation lock is now situated on the left of the new bar. Turn on the screen rotation lock and your screen orientation will be set until the lock is disabled.

This same method can also be done the new iPad mini. Given that the new iPad mini has the same functionality as its older and bigger siblings, the features and button will be exactly the same, on a smaller scale. Given its pocked size and light weight, I may consider investing in this new iPad. This new method is obviously more tedious than that of the older iPad version but this is still just 3 clicks and a swipe away. Personally, as I mentioned previously, I would just leave the screen rotation locked until I want to view the iPad on a particular orientation.

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