Maintain the Best Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Long

Given the convenience and savings that rechargeable batteries offer, they are gaining huge popularity among the masses. When we talk about rechargeable batteries, Lithium-ion battery is the first name that occurs in our minds. It gives more power and more battery time as compared to most of its alternatives. However, in order to maintain the power and battery life, you need to take good care of these batteries and follow certain basic guidelines. By following the simple tips mentioned below, you can keep your Lithium-ion batteries in good health for a longer period:

• It is a common misconception that if you use your batteries less, they will last longer. While almost all the batteries degrade in quality with time, lithium-ion batteries lose power much faster if it is kept un-used for a long period. In order to keep the batteries healthy, you must use them at regular intervals. Even when there is no need to use them, you must charge and discharge them once a month.

• Regular charging is good for health of Lithium-ion batteries. Even when the battery is slightly discharged, you can charge it again. Feel free to enter the batteries into the charger and plug it to the power. It is true that you may not need your batteries fully charged always but charging it once in a while will keep it at its best.

• Moisture is not good for Lithium-ion batteries. It must be kept and charged in a dry environment. Also, extreme temperatures should be avoided for the battery. It must be stored in cool (not too cold) and dry environment.

• Do not fully discharge your Lithium-ion batteries. Make sure to recharge your batteries with at least 25% of its battery remaining. If a battery is fully discharged again and again, its performance degrades rapidly.

• When you are buying Lithium-ion batteries, make sure to check its manufacturing date. Always buy a battery that is recently manufactured. For an object like battery that degrades in performance over time, it is always good to buy one that is not more than six months old.

By taking care of all the above points, you can be assured that your batteries will serve the purpose they are meant for i.e. saving money. In addition to saving your money, they will remain charged for longer period thus being available whenever you need them. So, next time you are going to buy a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, you know how to take care of it.

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