New Samsung Chromebook

Samsung has come out with the latest in its Chromebook series the Chromebook 3G. This third generation is priced at $250, which seems more like a distant cousin of MacBook, in looks and design. One might claim that the design is a rip off from the Apple MacBook Air; still, the uncanny resemblance is striking to a viewer in the first glance. You will find it covered with a silvery plastic finish material, it is lightweight and .75 inches thin weighing 2.5lbs. The battery backup of this device is 6 hours nonstop all thanks to its ARM processor. Let us find out more about this Chromebook.

Screen Display

If you are the one who is a big fan of Netflix then you may be disappointed to know that it is not supportive of the ARM Chromebook. Seems like Samsung still has something to work for, however, streaming other content and media through Hulu would not be a trouble at all. Additionally, you can also tune into Instant Video by Amazon and Crackle by Sony effortlessly. The only drawback it seems is the screen display that is not as impressive as it is suppose to be. You will not be able to view content at 45-degree angle; all you will see is shadows. Therefore, now you know that viewing angles are not its strongest trait and so avoid sharing picture with your friend sitting next to you.

Keyboard and Trackpad

You will enjoy working on the keyboard as Samsung gives you best in quality. The trackpad is highly responsive to touch and you will never be caught with a jittery pointer on the screen. The only thing that may confuse you is the placement of Ctrl and Alt keys that are not in the usual order as in a conventional keyboard. They are placed in reverse order.

The trackpad is touch sensitive and you will find a smooth glide through a webpage or while surfing.

Sound and Audio

Keeping in mind the given pricing factor at$250 you will find the sound quality decent enough to satisfy you. A 3W speaker with stereo sound quality is something to go by, though not as loud but you will still enjoy listening to songs and blasting music. Other things include speaker port for mic input or through Bluetooth give you the option of karaoke, so now you can play a song and sing along.

Ports Connectivity

The ports and its location on Chromebook is what sets it apart from the Apple product. The ports for USB 3 & 2, power port and HDMI output for Video are located at the back of the unit. However, if you are looking for audio inputs then you will find the location of headphone/ mic on the side. Adapter charging can be done via HDMI that can double up as video, DVI or VGA and even be used as projector input.

3G Connectivity

The Chromebook is favorable in connecting to 3G; of course, this new series is designed to support it. Therefore, now you can be sure that browsing and content streaming are seamless and without any glitch. Having an in-built version that supports 3G media connectivity is something that makes it faster when it comes to browsing. Additionally, you are entitled to avail 100 MB free data streaming every month; this comes along with Gogo hotspot cards.


In conclusion, to what all has been said above it if you are in favor of purchasing a budget friendly laptop with good processor and other media inputs then this one scores well. Additionally, fast browsing, 3G connectivity and photo editing. Chromebook is what you can say a low-maintenance, light weight, stylish and easy to use product. So, anyone on a look out for a good deal priced in $250 can opt for it. However, if you are looking for better processor, more pre-loaded software including Microsoft Corporate apps or the likes of desktop publishing then choosing another brand will be a better option.

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