Saving Hours of Downtime With Proper Maintenance

All optical equipment are required to be maintained in the best possible manner so as to offer quality service for long periods of time. Well maintained and well cared for equipment is easy to use without the need to worry about functioning problems. Revenue for business can be generated and when it is time to upgrade, a good trade-in value can be obtained. Lab managers who are responsible for keeping the equipment maintained and in good condition often end up with slim payroll hours and tight budget. This is probably the main reason due to which most of the equipment fail to get proper maintenance.

A practice that is being followed by most lab managers around the world is that they make sure to check off the list of maintenance without actually performing the maintenance tasks. Although this might seem to cause no problems at present but gradually the problems begin to occur. Any ophthalmic equipment requires proper maintenance and care without which, it fails to offer the accurate results. A few hours of maintenance work can make sure that down time of several hours can easily be avoided. Even though it might seem to be too much of a task for the lab managers to maintain all equipments in the lab, in the end it proves that the effort can bring in good rewards. When a lab manager performs his duty with full attention and efficiency, chances of his promotion are highly increased.

There have been instances where lab managers impressed their territory managers with great customer service scores and paved their way towards bigger success. Although, in the initial stages they might feel that they are not getting paid for the effort they are putting in, the end result always proves rewarding. On quite a few instances it has been observed that due to improper maintenance, optical equipment failed to work which ultimately led to loss of hours of down time. Upon investigating the equipment it was found out that debris and dirt were the main causes behind its failure to work. Thus, maintenance work was not carried out the way it should have been done.

Lab managers who are desperately trying to impress their bosses should always keep in mind that maintaining ophthalmic equipment is the best way to earn respect and rewards. Service calls and downtime prove extremely expensive, especially in case of smaller environments. Every lab managers should be well aware of how to keep the equipments well maintained. Lab managers should take the equipments to service technicians and vendors to learn the ways to disassemble them and clean the hard to reach areas. If the ophthalmic equipment is kept in top class condition, the trade-in value can reach thousands of dollars in the near future. Improper maintenance can lead to huge problems which can ultimately affect the employee’s bonuses. So, it is the duty and responsibility of every lab manager to make sure that they pay proper attention towards maintenance procedures.

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