Should You Purchase Samsung Galaxy Fame?

Samsung has recently been launching many phones that are impressive on terms of technology and the software. Recently Samsung has come out with Galaxy Fame. This is less spoken of but it is the latest launch in the flagship phones. Much has not been spoken about this Smartphone. However, there are a few things that you should know, especially if you are interested in investing your money in this Smartphone. Let us find out if this phone is worth purchasing and the technology is up to the mark.

Physical Design and Features

The design and the physical form of this phone are not as impressive as one may expect from a hi-end company like Samsung. When one is expecting a sleek and stylish device that should be more like its predecessors, this new version does seem to be disappointing. However, the plain design makes the device look average to any user.

The device is a complete unibody that has silver like metallic finishing on its side. The overall physical structure is glossy plastic finish in white color. The thickness of this phone is 11.6mm and the body is a bit curvaceous that makes it easy to hold in the palm of hand. The screen measures 3.5-inch diagonal that fits the small frame of the phone. Here it does seems that this phone is designed keeping in mind younger users, for example it would be a good idea if you decide to gift it to your child.

The internal memory storage is 4GB that is expandable, thanks to its support for microSD card; you will find it under the battery cover just next to the SIM port.

The Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Fame screen measures 3.5 inches across. It seems to compromise the ability to type on the virtual keyboard. If you were used to larger screen display then it would be difficult for you to adjust. Another thing that may disappoint you is navigation that needs to get bit used to.

You might again feel disappointed with the display; the pixel resolution is 320 x 480 that does seem low as against the size of the screen. Another thing that will annoy you is the contrast that quickly changes the moment you change the viewing angle of the screen. The screen fails to display clear images and content, you will face troubles like shadows and inverted image colors.

Software and Performance

Just like its predecessors this new version too has the TouchWiz feature. This is the custom UI by Samsung. The phone is powered with the Android OS version 4.1 Jelly Bean that is clocked at 1GHz single core. This means that not only the TouchWiz is a bit of an old technology but the OS version too seems downgrade as against the 4.2 version and the processor too seems to be lacking the upgraded version. This results in sloppy performance, any time you attempt to download apps and games you might experience lag in performance. However, navigation is smooth due to the improvements made in the 4.1 version.

Camera quality

Camera is probably the best feature that this phone has to offer especially against its another version called Samsung Galaxy Young. The camera is 5 MP and a VGA front facing camera for video call facility, as compared to its another version that is just sports a 3.2MP sensor. However, if we compare both with other competitors then there is nothing to be glad about. You will not be satisfied with the picture and image quality even with LED flash included.


From all that has been said above it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Fame is a phone that lacks some of the most essential ingredients for making it a success. The screen display, processor, OS version, camera quality and the design all seem to be average nothing exudes the feeling of owning a premium brand product. However, the OS version can still be ignored as very few phones are sporting the 4.2 version these days. Nonetheless, the only thing that seems to be is launching this phone at a budget friendly pricing. This might substitute its average features and interest many.

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